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Century Shin/Instep Armor Review

Last Updated: 11.04.19


1.1 Century®


Why is this product worth it?


If you want to purchase a brand new pair of sparring shin guards but you’re unwilling to break the bank, perhaps you’d be interested in checking out the specs of the Century Shin/Instep Armor. Unlike some of its competitors, this model offers the convenience of a well-designed pad constructed out of high-density foam that has been designed with flex channels. What this means for the end-user is that he or she will be able to do all the movements he or she feels like, without any restrictions whatsoever.

The same foam is responsible for keeping the tibial and foot areas safe while in the ring, regardless of the power of the blows given by the opponent. Thanks to its unique design, the model is easy to put on and it appears that it is also among the most comfortable units in the line.

As previously mentioned, you needn’t worry about a serious investment if you decide to order the Century Shin/Instep Armor. Most of the online retailers we’ve gone through usually sell it for less than forty dollars, which can be considered a bargain what with the excellent protective features of this alternative. It goes without saying that, should you practice other types of martial arts, there’s nothing stopping you from using these pads as well, although they seem to have been developed primarily for sparring.

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User feedback


Many Amazon reviewers say that they were not expecting the Century alternative to having been designed so well. Some say they’ve used the pads for their Muay Thai classes, whereas others like to utilize them specifically for sparring. Regardless of the purpose, most of the critical acclaim about this unit appears to revolve around its great quality of build. After all, some say that these pads are fit and last longer than other models out there.

1.3 Century®


Our verdict


The Century Shin/Instep armor offers an excellent balance between affordability and protection as it has been constructed with the user in mind. The pads are reliable, convenient, and comfortable, and seem to take the cake when it comes to durability.


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