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Contender Fight Sports Pro Bag Gloves Review





Weighing only 6 ounces, these punching bag gloves allow for lighting fast strikes and upper cuts.

You will appreciate the closed thumb design that provides you with additional protection.

These punching bag gloves also come with one inch foam pads that work to protect your hands from injuries.

The gloves are constructed from durable synthetic leather so you know that they will last through your toughest routines.

Thanks to the elastic closure on the padded cuffs you can enjoy a secure and comfortable fit.





Some consumers have noted that the seams can start to come apart after particularly long or gruelling workout sessions.

The soft padding does provide plenty of protection for your hands, but some consumers have mentioned that they still wish that these gloves came with a metal palm grip.

It should be mentioned that these punching bag gloves can run a little small, and it might be best if you purchased a slightly larger pair.

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Main features explained


You will love how comfortable and lightweight these punching bag gloves feel when you are wearing them. Since the gloves only weigh 6 ounces you won’t have any problems making swift jabs and uppercuts. The one inch foam padding ensures plenty of soft cushioning, along with protecting your hands from injuries. Thanks to the padded cuffs and elastic closure you are almost always assured of a comfortable and secure fit.

The Pro Bag Gloves by Contender Fight Sports comes with a durable construction that can withstand the rigors of your most punishing workouts. The synthetic leather material is durable, and easy to wipe clean after training. It is also resistant to cracking, which can be an occasional problem when genuine leather is used. Best of all this also helps to keep these punching bag gloves at a price almost anyone can afford.


One of the most important aspects to look for in a pair of punching bag gloves is their ability to protect your fingers and hands from injury. This is especially important for beginners that are still learning how to properly hold their hands. Along with the one inch padding in the gloves, this pair also comes with a closed thumb. This will help prevent painful sprains and breaks that can sideline your training. This is a safety feature that even professional boxers and MMA participants can appreciate.





If you are looking for a quality pair of punching bag gloves that are also affordable, you might want to consider the Pro Bag Gloves by Contender Fight Sports. Their synthetic leather construction ensures that the gloves are durable, and this also helps to keep them at an affordable price. The one inch padding throughout the gloves and the closed thumb design will provide you with the protection your hands need when you are hitting the punching bag. Fit will also never be a problem since the gloves come with an elastic closure.


Buy from for ($12.32)




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