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Cranbarry Deluxe Review

Last Updated: 11.04.19


Manufactured from tough plastic, the Cranbarry Deluxe shin pads offer reliable protection so your legs do not get injured from unexpected strikes during the game. When the going gets rough on the hockey field, there can be plenty of movement. That flurry of movement can deliver its own load of surprises to the unprotected player. The hockey puck or ball could easily fly in the direction of your legs when it is hit by some else on the field. Somebody else’s hockey stick, or even yours, could strike a blunt yet strong blow on your shins. This can also happen when you block shots, since you will basically have to use nearly every part of the body to ensure that the ball or puck never makes it to the opposing team’s goal.

1.3 Cranbarry Deluxe

The Cranberry Deluxe also features foam padding, which ensures more than enough cushioning to give you comfortable wear without compromising on reliable leg protection. The padding is thick enough for your legs to enjoy being enveloped in softness while still giving you the confidence of rigid protection with the hard outside shell. With these shin guards, your lower legs have a nearly impenetrable shell that can get hit by hockey sticks, the puck or ball or even somebody else’s hockey skates or cleats and yet sustain no painful injury thanks to the protective hard plastic shell designed to disperse impact energy away from your legs so you won’t feel the full force of the strike. This allows you to stay focused on your play instead of worrying about getting hit unexpectedly when the going gets rough in the battle to control the puck or ball.

The shin guards also feature impact-absorbent heavy duty foam for extra comfort, so you legs are cushioned properly. The protective cups ensure ample coverage to your ankles, and the cushioning also provides padding down to your ankles for added protection plus comfort. The unique design of the shin guards let you roll them down if you have to stay in the sidelines for a period of time, so your legs can breathe and enjoy natural cooling and ventilation. The shin guards also boast sen side panels that ensure minimal chafing plus a durable construction so the shin pads stay strong.


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