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Easton Youth Black Magic Review


1.Easton Youth Black Magic Leg Guards


Why is this product worth it?


The Easton Youth Black Magic shin guards are perfectly designed for youth players who want to explore the benefits of the sport in their lives without going all out in their playing equipment. These professional-looking shin guards offer great looks with their solid design that has a shell-like structure to encase the lower legs in optimum protection during play. Although just a beginner’s set of gear, the shin guards come with a double kneecap design that proves to be highly reliable in critical knee protection. The protective Polyethylene shin plate offers rigid support and structure to protect the shins from getting hurt or injured from accidental blows.


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User feedback


The Easton Youth Black Magic has gotten some pretty good reviews on Amazon. Many buyers agree that they provide a perfect fit for young players even if they come at amazingly half of what you would have to pay at a local store. For Minor Little League players and smaller Major League players, the shin guards make a great choice. The shin guards are equipped with a two-piece knee cup that can help young players enjoy every game without getting unduly traumatized when hit on the lower leg by the ball, the bat or another player’s baseball cleats as the game goes on. These shin guards deliver as designed while offering good value as well.

Considered “awesome” by buyer FiFi, the Easton Youth Black Magic has earned plenty of five-star reviews at Amazon. Dai Moralez, a verified buyer, says the shin guards are “a perfect fit” for her ten-year-old son, considering that she “paid less than half” of what she would have spent to purchase the pair at a local store. On June 2013, buyer Mike writes that the “leg guards are perfect for Minors Little League players and even smaller Majors players.” He praises the two-piece knee cap that the guards have, which makes them ideal for players in the minors league. These shin guards offer good value, too.

2.Easton Youth Black Magic Leg Guards


Our verdict


We agree with majority of the buyers who say that these shin guards offer value for money for youth players. They offer solid protection during play with the protective polyethylene shin plate design that shields from impacts and blows. The webbings for the clasp mechanism ensure a snug yet comfy fit, helping the user move easily about without compromising on reliable performance. At less than $50, these shin guards are a real steal and should do the job they are designed to like their more expensive counterparts. Just looking at the stitchings and the way the components come together will indicate careful and quality-controlled manufacture. Definitely a must buy!


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