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Eco-Bonk Kid-Tough Inflatable Bop Bag Review

Last Updated: 12.04.19





This amazing punching bag for kids is made in the USA, ensuring you of lasting use with its premium quality craftsmanship.

This inflatable bop bag is made planet-friendly down to its packaging to help kids enjoy play without causing harm to the environment.

This inflatable toy is designed to last compared to ordinary bop bags for kids’ use, giving your child something sturdy to play with that won’t need frequent replacements.

This inflatable toy also offers an educational way to teach your child to stay strong and active.

The inflatable bop bag is easy to maintain and doesn’t require too many processes to keep clean.





A perfect toy for two- to six-year-old kids, this inflatable bop bag is not meant to be abused during play by bigger children, according to one customer who learned the hard way about the playing age restriction. The pressure that larger kids can subject the toy to can be too much for this model, as the manufacturer indicates in the packaging or instructions.

This toy should first be filled with rice or beans for weighting down prior to inflating with air. If rice is put in last, the toy will no longer allow filling with the grain because the needed space is displaced by the air content.

To fill with the solid material, a funnel may have to be used to ensure neat filling. Some users who’ve used bop bags with sand-weighted bottoms find the need to fill the bottom a bit bothersome, but the lack of a weighted bottom ensures easier shipping and handling of the item.

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Main features explained


This US-made product offers premium quality construction from the top down. Customers are assured that it has gone through extensive quality control before it gets to their doorstep. You can be sure it is made with great care, so it complies with strict regulations promulgated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), whose rules stipulate that final assembly be on US soil and a large part of the manufacturing costs be spent on US processing and components. This assures you of superior quality.


This inflatable bop bag is made with environment-friendly parts and components. Touted to be the only planet-friendly bop bag in its class, this item is made of recycled materials down to its packaging. You can enjoy peace of mind that this product was made under strict quality control standards and without the manufacture process causing damage to the environment. This means it’s safe for your children to play with it and will not cause harm or injury to their health. It is made from non-chemically treated organic cotton and doesn’t come with plastic that you need to dispose of.

Providing a strong and sturdy plaything for your child, this inflatable toy is designed to last. Inferior products made in other regions can’t come up to the quality of this toy that can last a long time. The inflatable element is designed to be three times stronger compared to a standard bop bag on the market. Built to last, this exciting toy just needs 9 cups or 3 pounds of rice to fill the bottom. It will give kids plenty of fun!


Providing an effective means for children to burn off all that youthful energy in a constructive way, this inflatable toy won’t need plenty of space to set up. Children can learn to use muscle coordination to dodge the toy after bopping it. It develops strength and resistance in kids. Providing hours of rough-and-tumble play, this toy can teach your child to use muscle strength and control in their strikes so the toy won’t bop back.


This inflatable bop bag comes with a fabric cover that ensures comfort while enabling easy machine washability. You won’t need to get a new cover after the supplied one gets dirty because the removable cover can be washed in the machine.





If you’re tired of toys that break, crack, peel or just get broken when subjected to the vigorous energy of playing children, this inflatable bop bag is just what your kids need. Made of quality materials and boasting superior craftsmanship, it can provide much fun for kids from 2 to 6 years old. Best of all, it’s made in the USA, ensuring top quality components and manufacture, for incredible kid-toughness.


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