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Essential Pilates principles


Pilates is the melting pot of the body and the mind. It’s the way to get in touch with yourself and to disconnect from the loud noises of the modern world. If you want to know what are some of the Pilates rules, below you have the Principles of Pilates, that will teach you how to leave a peaceful life.


A full breath is essential. It’s the way of relaxing your muscles and letting fresh oxygen into your bloodstream. Take deep breaths to pump air inside and outside your body and to dissipate any tension.

Breathing helps with concentration too. If you are easily distracted, just focus on the sound and moves of the breaths you take, and let all worries go.

The way to inhale in Pilates is through the nose and to exhale through the mouth, as you would through a straw. You can also learn other techniques, such as lateral breathing and other patterns that use different muscles in your body.



This is when you focus on the center of your body and visualize the critical area between the lower ribs and the pelvis. It is often referred as a “powerhouse” to stress its importance.

This is supposed to be the place that gives you power, and the area all Pilates exercises start from energetically. The ripple effect begins here and then covers your entire body to provide it with power.

The center also supports the spine and the internal organs and distributes energy to all the systems. Hardening your center can prevent fatigue, remove back pain or even stomach aches.



This is a concept that might be hard to master in the beginning, as it requires some mental effort to succeed. But if you commit to it, and if you practice, you will get a lot of value from each movement you make.

In Pilates, it is believed that there’s a connection between mental health and the physical one and that the bond should be strengthened and nurtured because it can be healing.

You need to follow specific patterns when concentrating, to have the best posture you can and to be graceful. Full body awareness is hard to obtain, but very rewarding once you do so.



Control is one of the Pilates basic rules. There is a reason why it was called ”Contrology.” Just keep in mind that muscle activation should be done in moderation, and that muscle pulling is quite painful.

All the moves you make in a session should and will engage you whole muscular system from head to toe. It’ll activate ones you might not know you had and will eliminate all the tension within them.

Every exercise will be done with complete muscular control, and no body part is going to be neglected. Being in control of your contractions and movements is going to relax you and improve longevity.



Precision in Pilates is essential, but not so much for beginners. First of all, you need to be aware of every muscle contraction, of every motion and after that, with practice, precision will improve.

There is a proper way to place your extremities, to bend your backbone and to align different body parts. Even the trajectory they make is carefully controlled if you want to do things the right way.

Ultimately, precision is essential. It is a practice that aims to perfection and to maximize the benefit it can provide a practitioner. It is believed that one well-done movement, that follows the pilates movement rules, is better than ten incorrect ones.



Moves should be fluid and interconnected. You should not make sudden movements or ones that don’t fit with a specific scheme. Always look in the mirror, so you can correct yourself when a trainer is not around.

Moving seamlessly will improve the way you do things in your daily life, bring grace and elegance to your persona and, ultimately, will make your muscles stronger and able to withstand more workouts.

Combine all the elements above with the flow, and you will feel in touch with yourself – in your entirety, even with parts of your body that you didn’t pay attention to before.


Other considerations

Pilates is a way a life that gets you in touch with who you really are and with your body. It unifies the energy with the thoughts and helps gain control over your movements and body functions.

The principles may sound a bit philosophical, but with practice, you will notice just how simple they are. And once you start learning the proper ways, things will get instinctual, and you’ll feel benefits.

This is what you need if you lead a stressful life. Try and make a habit out of applying these principles in every session, and make it a personal goal to do Pilates when you get some time off.



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