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Everlast 70-Pound MMA Heavy Bag Kit Review


1.1 Everlast 70-Pound




As stated in the Everlast MMA heavy-bag kit reviews everything you need to start training is included.

You have the advantage of the 70 pound bag that features premium stuffing that can absorb impact shock and help prevent injury.

This is the best punching bag from Everlast with its safe and durable construction.

Designed for comfort during workouts, you will also appreciate being able to adjust the height of the punching bag.





While most of the punching bag accessories are included, the inexpensive mounting bracket must be purchased separately.

Some consumers have mentioned that the wraps do not comfortably fit larger hand sizes, but this is rarely a problem.

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Main features explained


Everything you need to get started relieving tension and training is included with this heavy duty punching bag. You have the advantage of the durable 70lb bag, along with protective hand wraps and gloves. The bungee cord and chain are also included, and you’ll love how easy it is to get the punching bag ready to go. The heavy duty bag provides plenty of tension relieving resistance, and the sturdy gloves will protect your hands from injury.


This heavy duty punching bag is designed to help you build strength and endurance, along with relieving stress and tension. One aspect that sets it apart is the premium filler inside the bag, which includes a mixture of sand and blended fibers. Designed to give you plenty of resistance without injuring your hands, you’ll appreciate its ability to absorb painful impact shock after a long workout.

1.2 Everlast 70-Pound

One of the reasons this is considered the best punching bag kit is its durable and safe construction. The 70 pound bag is constructed from sturdy polycanvas, and is resistant to rips and tears. The punching bag is also resistant to weather, along with moisture and humidity. You also have the advantage of the durable gloves that feature a convenient hook and loop strap that helps to support your wrist. The bag gloves are also constructed from durable synthetic leather to help protect your hands from painful injuries.


Even though you want your workouts to be tough and push your endurance, there is no reason why you can’t also be comfortable. While the attached bungee cords provide the resistance you need for your training, the adjustable chain ensures that the bag remains at a comfortable height. Along with making it more comfortable to use the punching bag, being able to adjust the height can also help prevent torn or stretched muscles and tendons.





This heavy duty punching bag is designed to be safe and fun to use, and is a perfect way to relieve stress and tension. The 70 pound bag will also help improve your level of strength and endurance, and makes an excellent addition to your home gym. With everything you need, including gloves to get started, it is hard to believe that this punching bag is also affordably priced.


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