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Everlast Cardio Strike Bag Review

Last Updated: 12.04.19





Considered the best punching bag from Everlast, you have the advantage of the freestanding design that is ideal for building stamina and improving your reflexes.

As stated in the Everlast Cardio strike bag reviews you will appreciate its affordable price, and durable construction.

This punching bag features a softer hitting surface and innovative safety features that will help prevent injuries during training.

Everything you need to get started improving your overall fitness is included with this freestanding punching bag.





Some consumers have mentioned that this punching bag can occasionally deflate during use, but this is usually due to heavy hits and not an issue with the product.

It should be mentioned that this is a freestanding strike bag and cannot be hung, which might not be suitable for workouts that require high kicks.


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Main features explained


Often considered the best cardio punching bag, you will love how fun it is to use. Featuring a free standing design that moves with every punch you throw, this punching bag will help build endurance and improve agility. The continual movements of the bag not only work on improving your reflexes, but also your overall health. Respond to opponent’s moves in the ring faster, and enjoy all of the benefits of living a healthier and more active life with this punching bag.


You will appreciate the affordable price of this punching bag that also features a durable construction. The punching bag is constructed from a synthetic polycanvas material that is designed to last through years of hard hits and kicks. The inflatable air balloon is also resistant to leaks and tears, and the sturdy plastic base ensures that the punching bag remains standing during your workouts. Along with its affordable price, you also have the benefit of the included 30 day warranty to ensure complete satisfaction with your purchase.


One of the advantages of this freestanding punching bag is its safe and stable construction. The sturdy neck features a durable spring base that ensures a safe rebound, while the flexible collar helps to absorb impact shock from your hits and kicks. Since this punching bag uses an air filled bladder to provide resistance, the hitting surface is softer to prevent foot or hand injuries. You also have the benefit of the hard plastic base which can hold up to 70 pounds of sand or water for extra stability.


Everything you need to start improving your overall health and stamina is included with this freestanding striking bag. The balloon fits easily inside to provide resistance during your workouts, and the air pump is included with your purchase. Simply inflate the air balloon with the foot pump, and fill the base with water or sand so you can immediately start training with your new punching bag.





Standing 63 inches tall from the base, this punching bag is the perfect height for teens and adults who want to improve their endurance, reflexes, and their overall health.


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