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Everlast Elite Leather Speed Bag Review

Last Updated: 12.04.19





This is the best punching bag from Everlast if you need a piece of fitness equipment that can develop a variety of capabilities and skills in you during training for martial arts.

The speed bag is made of top quality leather.

The craftsmanship and construction of this best speed bag are superb.

The speed bag is shaped and balanced for accurate rebounds.

The speed bag is easy to fill up with air and to deflate.





Some buyers may be unimpressed by the fact that the bag does not include a swivel, but few, if any, speed bags do.

One of the Everlast Elite leather speed bag reviews notes that some people tend to overfill the bag with air, causing the bladder inside to burst easily.

One user recommends having an air needle on hand to do quick re-inflating/deflating.

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Main features explained


The Everlast Elite Leather Speed Bag develops your reflexes by helping you respond quickly. It improves your hand-eye coordination and speed. This is the perfect choice for people who want to combine speed, force and precision training. Using it will require you to use a huge amount of mental focus, which for some people, can prove pretty relaxing or even meditative. With this bag, you can develop precision to ensure that your strikes are accurate. The bag will also develop shoulder strength and endurance. The small size is ideal for more advanced users.


This quality leather speed bag uses only top-grade material in its manufacture. The leather material ensures toughness even after repeated blows or strikes. The leather material makes the speed bag water proof. It also makes the bag resilient during use, making the product perform according to standards. The smooth leather construction helps you see if the bag is under-filled or needs to be re-inflated a bit after some time. The bag will not develop lumps, tears or rips due to its high-grade leather construction. The leather material has also proven to be easy on the hands by some users.


Constructed with welted seams and reinforced lacing for durability, the Everlast Elite speed bag is lightweight. This enables rapid recoiling and superb response. The reinforced seaming ensures long term use.


The speed bag is balanced for accurate rebounds. It is teardrop shaped to ensure great ability to recoil after it is struck. The speed bag is capable of absorbing greater force due to its special shape. This bag can be mounted or hung through a stable freestanding floor frame. Users have remarked how great the speed bag is to hit, perfect for response training and developing your timing.


Happy users recommend filling the speed bag up before each use. This helps keep the bag in perfect shape and condition for repeated strikes and blows. The bag holds air well, but like any other product subjected to forceful beating, it will require being refilled from time to time. Just have an air needle ready at all times!





Using a speed ball develops your shoulder strength and endurance, and improves your speed and agility. With the Everlast Elite Leather Speed Bag, you get all the benefits of training with this type of punching bag and to become a better and faster fighter.


Buy from for ($26.91)




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