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Everlast Nevatear Boxing Heavy Bag Review

Last Updated: 13.04.19


1.Everlast Nevatear Boxing Heavy Bag




Certainly the best rated boxing heavy bag, this item offers little resistance.

The boxing heavy bag is constructed of premium quality materials.

The heavy boxing bag comes with the needed hardware.

Use the Everlast Nevatear Boxing Heavy Bag to train, condition or work on your fighting technique.

The filler provides reliable shock absorption.





According to one of the Everlast Nevatear Boxing Heavy Bag reviews, this bag may be too light for users trying to build their power.

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Main features explained


There are many products out there that could qualify as the best boxing bag from Everlast, but the Nevatear boxing heavy bag proves to be a solidly built product that deserves that distinction. The Everlast Nevatear Boxing Heavy Bag makes a great training aid for fighters of lighter weight and even children due to how it has little resistance. When you hit this bag, it shows a bit of give, which makes it ideal for avoiding training injuries. The bag also makes a perfect choice for MMA and Muay Thai fighters still working on their kicking ability since it provides a more forgiving surface compared to heavier punching bags with lower level of give.


The tough Nevatear construction makes this Everlast heavy boxing bag a winner. The Nevatear construction comprises a layered matrix of synthetic leather blended with webbed vinyl, which is geared to outlast even the heaviest of boxers. Expect nothing less than long lasting functionality and durability from this exceptionally constructed heavy bag. The double end loop offers higher levels of functionality.

2.Everlast Nevatear Boxing Heavy Bag

The Everlast Nevatear Boxing Heavy Bag comes with the necessary hardware to facilitate installation and setup. The heavy duty nylon straps ensure safety and security during use. The chain is designed with adjustability to enable easy hanging and accommodate any size user. Just make sure there’s available space to hang the bag in, as it swings to and fro to help you practice your footwork and dodging skills while boxing. The built-in swivel enables the bag to move on the heavy-duty nylon strap. The zipper tab on the top of the bag is intentionally broken at the factory to prevent the heavy bag from being opened and the stuffing released, which voids the warranty.


The Everlast Nevatear Boxing Heavy Bag helps develop strength and provides a good conditioning workout. This hanging punching bag is perfect for use in a home gym. Lighter than what you usually find in the MMA or boxing gym, the punching bag is tough and well-filled and can be used while wearing light bag gloves. It makes a great moving target to allow users to work on their timing and reach, along with accuracy in punching and footwork. It also makes a terrific workout tool for recreational users who don’t need emphasis on achieving greater power but just want gear that can give them a good workout. Wrestlers will find the bag useful when they have to undergo drills and activities that require carrying.


Available in 70- and 80-pound construction, the Everlast Nevatear Boxing heavy bag has just the right amount of filling that gives it the density to take hours of punching. While denser packed bags only give you wrist pain and sore knuckles, this product is pre-filled with a special filler mix that combines natural and synthetic fibers, giving the bag excellent shock absorbency.





Offering recreational and less heavy users a quality workout and training session, the Everlast Nevatear Boxing Heavy Bag is designed to deliver excellent shock absorption and enough give to offer lighter fighters the opportunity to work on their jabbing technique and footwork. Made of premium quality materials, the bag is an excellent piece of gear for home gym use.


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