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Everlast Omni Strike Heavy Bag Review

Last Updated: 12.04.19


8.1 Everlast Omni




This may be the best punching bag from Everlast thanks to its nicely designed bottom panel.

The punching bag comes with knee strike handles.

The bag not only looks good but is built pretty solidly.

The product is made of high quality materials.

The bag can help you really well with your martial arts training and exercises.





One of the Everlast Omni Strike punching bag reviews laments the fact that this product is not a 100-pound bag, although nowhere in the product description does the manufacturer declare otherwise.

The C3 material only covers the bottom, but that feature still provides great value for money.

Some users may find the chain or hanging assembly to be pretty flimsy.

Buy from for ($89.99)



Main features explained


The bottom panel carries quality C3 foam wrapping, which proves highly useful for practicing low kicks and ground and pound. The extra foam or padding on the bottom enables you to execute kicks cleanly. The C3 foam serves to protect the bottom of the Everlast Omni Strike punching bag from knee shots or strikes and hard kicks.


The tough knee strike handles allow you to simulate the Thai clinch while training. They enable you to assume the needed position for just such types of martial arts so you can hone your skills most capably The knee strike handles are attached securely so you’ll have years of training to sharpen your Thai clinch talents without having to replace the bag or the handles.

8.2 Everlast Omni

This is a great looking heavy bag that can hold up really well even after extended periods of abuse while training. It can take your hardest punches and kicks without flinching-literally! The handle bars enable you to throw the heavy bag around and also hang it up and take it down more easily.


The Everlast Omni Strike punching bag is made of high quality synthetic leather, ensuring you of reliable durability and lasting functionality. It comes with excellent bag construction, making it the best 80 pound punching bag you can get for the money. The bag stays strong and will not embarrass you by suddenly getting loose from its mounting and landing right on top of you.


Aside from helping you do the Thai clinch during training, the Everlast Omni Strike heavy bag can also be used for kick boxing, boxing, Muay Thai, and other endurance sports. Working with this heavy bag improves your aerobic fitness, core stability, power, coordination, body shape, and boxing technique while decreasing stress and developing your self-defense skills. The Everlast Omni Strike punching bag offers a means to do a low activity using minimal fitness gear.





Practice your kicks, straight (cross) right or left, overhand right or left, left and right hook, and left and right uppercut using this solidly built heavy bag from Everlast. The punching bag capably withstands your fiercest punches and jabs so you can work on your techniques and become a more assured endurance sports player. The bag is made of premium materials that ensure durability and solid construction. It comes with the Everlast seal of quality, your assurance of reliable craftsmanship and manufacture.


Buy from for ($89.99)




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