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Everlast Pro Style Punching Gloves Review

Last Updated: 12.04.19






The gloves are designed to promote proper technique while training.

The gloves are also anatomically constructed to prevent injury to your thumb and fist during use.

These gloves are given proprietary treatment to help prevent offensive odors so they stay smelling fresh.

The patented EverCool technology on these gloves ensure that they stay cool under pressure.

The gloves come with premium quality construction.





The gloves have to be worn with your hands encased in hand wrap to ensure safety when hitting the heavy bag or when sparring. With more power delivered behind every punch, the gloves may not be able to hold all the energy so you may have to work on proper punching technique in order not to get the gloves damaged in any way.

The vinyl exterior of the glove is not as tough as an Everlast leather glove. This pair makes a great choice for aerobics boxing classes that may require occasional mitt and heavy bag workouts. They are great for non-contact cardio-type workouts and are hardy enough for light bag workouts that need adequate hand protection.

The gloves tend to emit a plasticky smell that is more noticeable at home than at the gym. This could be attributed to the EverFresh treatment the gloves are given at the factory to prevent the development of bad smells due to moisture and sweat.

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Main features explained


The gloves are designed for aerobics boxing classes as well as occasional sparring and heavy bag workouts. The full padding on the back of the wrist and on the front help you develop proper boxing technique during training sessions. Because they follow the natural form of your wrists in a fist, the gloves can help develop proper punching technique.


The improved curved anatomical fit and grip keep your fist and thumb in the proper position when forming a fist to effectively prevent injury, thanks to the innovative Thumb Lok feature that also ensures extra safety. The innovative, dense two-layer foam delivers great shock absorbency plus full padding. The hook-and-loop wrist strap enables effortless on and off.


The gloves are given antimicrobial treatment at the factory to fight bacterial growth and ugly odors. During intense punching workouts, you tend to perspire more. Even moisture from your drinking bottle can get your gloves wet. Thankfully, the gloves are able to combat the development of nasty odors due to collected moisture. This ensures the gloves stay fresh smelling consistently.


Thanks to the exclusive EverCool technology via full mesh on the palm of the gloves, you are ensured of efficient ventilation systems on them that work together with the breathable fabrics to deliver dependable temperature regulation. This means the gloves do not heat up even when your workouts get intensive.


Made of premium synthetic leather, the gloves help you train like a professional. The dense two-layer foam sandwich prevents injury to your wrists. The gloves are available from sizes 8 OZ to 16 OZ so you can find the perfect fit for you.





If you want to fight like a pro, you’ll have to train like one. The Everlast Pro Style enables you to optimize every training session so you can work on your punching technique. The premium synthetic material ensures adequate durability to keep the gloves going with you for many workout sessions. The patented ventilation systems and breathable fabrics used in the construction of the gloves ensure lasting functionality and dependable durability. The full mesh palm material ensures comfort and durability. These gloves are engineered to help you develop your punching techniques while ensuring protection from injury to your hands and wrists.


Buy from for ($27.92)




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