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Everlast Train Advanced Punching Gloves Review

Last Updated: 12.04.19






Made of synthetic leather and boasting superior construction, these gloves ensure lasting durability and dependable functionality.

Offensive odors and bacterial growth are kept at bay with the anti-microbial treatment given to the gloves.

The full wrist wrap strap design ensures reliable protection for your wrist.

The proprietary Evergel™ technology used in these gloves also protect your knuckles.

The gloves do not affect hand mobility for trainees of various disciplines.





The gloves should be used while wearing hand wraps since the inside liner has a cardboard/sandpapery feel, according to one user.

The upper foam piece is a bit long, according to one user. This is mainly due to the reinforced design of the gloves.

The gloves do need a break-in time to get them to offer optimal performance.

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Main features explained


Made using premium synthetic leather materials, this pair of gloves ensures lasting durability and functionality. They are designed to last for countless boxing sessions so you can use them to hone your punching skills and footwork. They allow you to get serious about boxing and training so you are ready for anything. You’ll love the leather material that is also waterproof besides being resilient to shock during impact. The gloves are designed to last much longer and won’t wear away too quickly unlike other brands. They are also usable for doing bodyweight exercises where the gloves have to be directly in contact with the rough floor. The closed-cell Durafoam curved padding comes with a contoured fit that places the hand in a natural fist position to maximize your punching technique.


The gloves boast EverFresh® antimicrobial treatment that prevents nasty odors and bacterial growth. This means sweat and moisture won’t escalate to making the gloves a fertile breeding ground for bacteria that can cause odors. It also helps ensure that the gloves are kept safe and fresh smelling. Besides, leather is a breathable material so the gloves ensure more comfort on your hands. The reinforced finger loops ensure adequate protection for your fingers by keeping them in place, while the anatomical thumb padding doesn’t hamper mobility.


The full wrist wrap strap delivers enhanced wrist support, ensuring effective prevention of broken wrists during intense punching workouts. The strap also ensures an easily customizable fit so you can pull the gloves tight on your hands and not have them coming loose at any time during your boxing sessions. The trisect closure on the wrist strap offers extra protection and support.


The exclusive Evergel™ technology provides effective dissipation of impact energy so your hands are protected against pain and injury when they hit the punching bag. It also ensures that your knuckles are shielded from the strong force that comes with every hit while also delivering superior durability to keep the gloves in one piece longer despite the steady punishment they are given during training.


Best for mitt work and heavy bag workouts, this pair of gloves weighs just 9 ounces yet delivers the toughness and capability to let you train as a pro boxer or MMA fighter. They also work well for cardiovascular training to improve your endurance levels. The manufacturer rates them for level 3 experience users who need serious punching workouts.





These are great sparring and heavy bag gloves made of premium quality material. They encase your hands and wrists in tough leather so you can hone your punching skills or do cardio, MMA and heavy bag workouts while keeping your hands protected from injury. The gloves are comfortable and provide reliable hand and wrist protection with their durable leather material. You’ll love training with these gloves that do not allow sweat and moisture to lead to ugly odors and nasty bacterial growth. Use these every time you prepare for a larger bout or just to work on your heavy bag moves to become a better and more precise puncher.


Buy from for ($25.2)




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