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Everlast Women’s Heavy Bag Kit Review

Last Updated: 12.04.19


2.Everlast Women's 70 lb Heavy Bag Kit



The Everlast Women’s 70 lb Heavy Bag Kit includes the best punching bag from Everlast outfitted with heavy-duty nylon straps.

The punching bag is designed for an optimal training experience for women or those who want a lighter bag to train with.

It offers adjustability to suit the user.

The Everlast Women’s 70 lb Heavy Bag Kit comes with items that will enable use right out of the package.

The punching bag is manufactured from high quality components.





At least two of the Everlast Women’s 70 lb Heavy Bag Kit reviews say the gloves shipped to them were of a different color, but that the heavy bag kit still provides value for money.

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Main features explained


If you’re searching for the best punching bag that can be easily hung and that ensures secure placement, the Everlast Women’s 70 lb Heavy Bag Kit should be on top of your list of options. This punching bag is easy to mount using the included heavy duty nylon straps. The straps also ensure user safety and security, keeping the punching bag suspended really well. The double-end loop delivers increased functionality as it enables the bag to rotate and swivel while hanging so you can move around it and practice your footwork while developing a flawless punching technique.


The Everlast Women’s 70 lb Heavy Bag is designed to be on the lighter side, which suits plenty of customers just fine since it can be used until the trainee is ready to use a bigger and heavier punching bag. It can help beginners develop their skills to become better at punching and kicking. The Everlast Women’s 70 lb Heavy Bag is a good starter bag that enables a novice to practice long and hard without feeling too much pressure to punch more fiercely since the product responds immediately with a definite swing because of the light weight.

1.Everlast Women's 70 lb Heavy Bag Kit

The punching bag is outfitted with a height customization chain that enables you to adjust the hanging height to the level that is comfortable for you. Unlike a fixed height chain that keeps the bag suspended at a specific distance from the floor, the supplied height customization chain eliminates the stress of having to use a bag hung too high for you to land punches on the striking surface. Hit the bag squarely every time thanks to its capability to suit the reach of your jabs and strikes.


The product ships in a complete women’s boxing training kit. It comes with two 12-ounce boxing gloves with Velcro closure for effortless on and off. The 108 inch hand wraps provide protection for your hands and knuckles in the gloves. The specially blended filler mix comprises sanitized natural and synthetic fibers that work really well together to deliver robust absorbency of impact from blows and strikes. Designed to provide the same experience you can derive from sand filling, the filler mix doesn’t have the same issue with the filling material settling to the bottom of the bag. The punching bag provides a nice experience and even resistance throughout its body. The kit is perfect for those on a budget, since all the essential elements for an aerobic workout are included in the package.


The cover is made of premium synthetic leather, ensuring lasting use and impressive resistance to tearing. The heavy duty nylon straps and double end loop ensure secure hanging. The gloves are made tough to withstand impact against the striking surface. The hand wrap is designed to provide reliable protection to your hands with their durable construction.





If you want gym equipment that allows you to test your limits while enabling you to move up, the Everlast Women’s 70 lb Heavy Bag Kit fills that need efficiently. The kit comes with a premium quality 70-pound light punching bag that won’t stress you out with too much weight. The gloves and hand wrap enable you to begin training as soon as you get the package. This is the ultimate boxing kit for the up-and-coming ring superstar.


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