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Everlast Women’s Pro Punching Gloves Review

Last Updated: 11.04.19






These gloves come with the patented Thumb-Lok feature only from Everlast.

They are made of premium quality synthetic material and boast superior construction.

The gloves are designed to ensure a good fit on your hands.

They come with a revolutionary treatment system to enable them to stay smelling fresh.

The gloves ensure comfort and breathability.





Like most boxing gloves, these training models need to be used with hand wraps. This is to ensure that you get adequate protection from injury during use.

The gloves are designed for use when you’re just starting out on the sport, for training or for aerobics boxing where there’s not going to be much need to work the heavy bag. They are not designed for heavy sparring or intensive boxing sessions.

The gloves are wide so you may need to upsize if you have quite long fingers or are on the half or border sizes. They are only available in the 8 OZ and 12 OZ sizes, which leaves few options for buyers.

Buy from for ($24.46)



Main features explained


The patented Thumb-Lok feature from Everlast enables you to assume a natural fist position on your hands during training, ensuring that you can develop proper punching technique and hone your skills while ensuring that more power is delivered with every punch. The gloves offer superb protection to the hand and thumb so they do not get injured during your boxing sessions. You’ll love how they encase your knuckles so you don’t feel the brunt of the impact energy delivered with every punch to the mitts or the heavy bag.


These gloves are constructed of premium quality synthetic leather that is relatively durable so you can enjoy many training sessions without the need to make frequent replacements of the gloves. The premium quality construction ensures that the gloves can maintain their integrity through many boxing sessions.


Engineered to deliver a nice fit on the hands, the gloves are well manufactured to ensure lasting functionality and durability. They come with an enhanced anatomical fit and grip. The gloves are designed for women who need hand protection during light sparring and bag training.


The revolutionary EverFresh antimicrobial treatment ensures that the gloves do not develop nasty odors due to bacterial growth from sweat and moisture. The gloves come with good ventilation so airflow is good in and out to ensure moisture is allowed to escape.


To ensure comfort and breathability, the gloves come with EverCool material. The full mesh palm ensures comfort and efficient ventilation. The dense two-layer sandwich foam provides reliable shock absorbency so the impact energy that comes with every punch is effectively dissipated away from your knuckles, hands and wrists.





Women who undergo boxing training either to develop their punching technique or just to keep fit need a good quality pair of boxing gloves that can protect their knuckles, hands and wrists from injury. Thankfully, these gloves are well-constructed and provide good protection for ladies who box. The gloves come with fantastic ventilation so they don’t develop unpleasant odors due to dried up moisture and sweat. Just make sure not to leave them in your gym bag. With proper care after every use, the gloves can help you make the most of every training session on the mitts or heavy bag. The nicely-distributed padding ensures comfort. The gloves offer an anatomical grip and fit for snug wearing.


Buy from for ($24.46)




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