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Franklin Sports NHL SX Comp HG 175 Review


Offering real value for money, the Franklin Sports NHL SX Comp HG 175 combine quality, strength and low cost so players can have all the protection they need without spending a fortune of playing equipment. These shin guards have been awarded a National Hockey League License, which serves as your assurance of total quality and reliable product value. Give the game your utmost focus without worrying about getting any part of your lower leg struck by a wayward object, such as the cleats of your team mate or opponent, the hockey stick of someone else or that belongs to you, or the puck that gets thrown in your direction. With these hockey shin guards, you can spend as much time on the ice as you want while keeping your lower legs protected from the hits and slashes that fierce skirmishes are accompanied with.

1.1 Franklin Sports NHL SX

Enjoy dependable protection performance while paying thanks to the tough plastic shell that keeps the front and back of your legs shielded consistently. Recommended for use by the novice and intermediate player, the shin guards are made of tough plastic that is impact resistant and absorbs energy for dispersion. When you get hit on the lower legs by your opponents or team mate’s cleats, a wayward hockey stick or the hockey puck or ball, you can get tremendous pain on your legs, which can be enough to keep you on the sidelines for the duration of the game. If the impact is injurious enough, you could also end up not playing the entire season. With these shin guards, you can play as long as possible to establish your reputation on the ice.

The shin guards keep your knees, shins, calves, ankles and even lower thighs from getting hit by hard, blunt objects during the game. They offer external protection as well as sufficient cushioning so your legs feel comfortable and not fatigued even after you’ve been on the ice for the duration of the game. The shin caps and knee caps boast tough plastic construction to ensure performance-driven protection every time. The plastic material ensures effective impact absorption so you won’t feel the force of kicks and slashes.


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