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Harrow Sport TACVPI Probot Review


1.Field Hockey Shin Guards


Why is this product worth it?


Whether for rough play or just practice, the TACVPI Probot by Harrow Sport does what it’s designed to do: reduce the impact of blunt force when cleats, the ball or a lacrosse stick hits your lower leg during a game.

The shin guards are equipped with an innovative hard plastic shell that raises the protection level high so you won’t feel a lot of pain when your leg gets hit, which also effectively prevents permanent or serious leg injury. The hard plastic shell is also ventilated to ensure comfort and free airflow so your legs feel cool, helping the moisture and sweat escape easily to prevent odor and germ buildup.

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User feedback


The large size version of these shin guards has gotten pretty good reviews on Amazon. One customer who bought the larger size says the shin guards provide a good fit and don’t get too hot.

He says he wears them under socks. This is good because even in the larger size, the shin guards can still be used with socks easily, so the small size should do as well. Apparently, the small sizes for the product can boast the same functionality as the large one. Another user of the larger size comments that the shin guards are of good quality and fit well. This is something that only few products can boast.

2.Field Hockey Shin Guards


Our verdict


That single missing item (removable straps), would have easily given these shin guards a perfect score from all buyers. However, the missing strap does not speak of poor product quality but only a failure in packaging and shipping.

We believe the product offers superior quality and protection for the player who seeks nothing less than extremely reliable protection during play. The assurance of protection weighs heavier than a missed item in packaging in our book, and the fact that this product has come up to consumer expectations, it should be recommended for lacrosse player use when you seek good balance between functionality and genuine value for money.


Buy from for ($30.56)



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