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How to achieve the perfect beach body

Last Updated: 11.04.19


The best time to get your body ready for summer is in the spring. All you need are tried-and-true, long-standing exercises that you already love, are good at and know by heart. What counts is to stay motivated and committed to reaching your fitness goals, not just achieving the right body mass index or the perfect beach body that you can maintain for years to come.


Follow a program that involves body training four days a week.

Body part splits need to give way to total body-style workout programs. You are no longer simply starting out on a fitness program; you are going to develop a program you can keep to for years. With a total body workout routine, the big muscle groups are trained more often, increasing your body’s metabolic demand.

With greater metabolic demand, your body also gets an improved composition, with less fat and leaner muscle. You will not be getting more volume for every body part, which is characteristic of ‘bulking’ or hypertrophy programs that utilize body part splits.

If winter has gotten you huge, total body training should make your muscles more pronounced or visible.


Train using a ‘hybrid’ workout pattern.

A good total body workout comprises some elements. Starting with a power movement, this is followed by strength work. What comes next is a superset in mass building or hypertrophy rep ranges. Some metabolic conditioning using cardio and complexes finishes off the routine.

This hybrid manner of training ensures you maintain your strength as well as the muscle you’ve built up through hard work. This is while burning enough fat to make those killer abs pop out, perfect for that beach body.

Weekly, you should change the number of repetitions and sets in an undulating fashion. The variations in the reps and sets will be reflected in the loads chosen for each exercise.

This means if you do four sets of 6 repetitions the first week, followed by the next week with six sets of 2 repetitions, you need to ensure that you utilize a load appropriate for every workout. Two repetitions should show you lifting considerably more compared to 6 repetitions.


Follow rest periods.

Adhere to the rest periods designated for every exercise. This ensures you get optimal benefits from your training program. Focus and get your set in once the rest period is over. Don’t get distracted by other people in the gym or for any reason at all, no matter how they catch your attention.


Follow a weekly training schedule faithfully.

A total body training program comprises four workouts every week. Bear in mind that what you do outside of the gym is just as critical as what you do inside the exercise venue. In keeping with that, make sure to get 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night.

Practice self-discipline by laying off late night partying. Do adhere to a smart nutrition plan.


Agree to work hard to get real results.

Remember that it is through genuine hard work that you can get real results. If you learn to exert as much effort in the gym as in the kitchen by observing smart nutrition choices, the rewards will come.

You can easily achieve that beach body when Memorial Day comes.


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