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How to increase your workout motivation this spring

Last Updated: 11.04.19


With the coming of spring, the air starts to get warmer, and the flowers are blooming. It also signals the approach of summer. A long winter could’ve easily dampened your fitness motivation quite a bit. It can also be a real challenge to pursue your goals for weight loss or even just to stick to healthy diet choices.

Kick up your fitness a notch by increasing your workout motivation this spring. How can you do that?


Re-energize your workout routine.

Doing the same thing over and over again can become actually annoying. You may even experience quick burnout, with constant activity taking twice the energy to do every time. Summoning up the stamina to do the same workout four times a week can quickly become a test of your will.

If you keep looking at the clock during your workout, it’s a sign that you need to revamp your exercise program. Refresh your routine by engaging in a new activity. You could pick a different route to run or incorporate errands into your after-work routine.

You can challenge yourself by increasing your repetitions slowly or trying to get faster running times. Find ways by which you can make your workouts more exciting each time.


Use the outdoors or a different location for your workouts.

As mentioned earlier, you can take a more scenic or circuitous route during your runs. Of course, you’ll have to use a good GPS device for this purpose, so you are aware of the path you have taken and can find your way back easily.

Get on a running trail once in a while instead of the treadmill at home. Use ankle or wrist weights while doing chores at home to build muscular resistance and tone your physique as well.

The essential thing here is to be creative enough without slacking down on your workout routine. You can also have fun while doing your workouts by listening to a fresh playlist.

You won’t need to spend hours on end at the gym just to get the perfect workout. Just use your creativity at home or in the outdoors. And don’t forget to have fun!


Get an exercise partner or join a workout group.

You can’t get just anybody to be your exercise buddy. They have to have the same schedule as yours and have similar fitness goals like yours. This is to ensure success in your workouts. You want a buddy to be as motivated as you are instead of dragging you down. They shouldn’t aim to be overly competitive too.

A workout buddy should encourage and support you during exercise, and not make you feel bad about yourself.

Joining an exercise group can also be great. The same guidelines apply when it comes to picking a workout partner.


Use motivational reminders to keep you going.

Post motivational reminders in areas you frequent at home or in the workplace. This could be on your mirror, the calendar app on your smartphone, on your desk or the refrigerator. You might even post a reminder to make healthy eating options by your pantry.

The important thing is never to stop getting inspired to stay consistent with your workout and fitness goals.


Register for an event.

By the mere act of registering for an event, you are making yourself accountable in a way to stay committed to something that will ultimately support your fitness objective. The event doesn’t even have to be competitive. It could just be for the fun of joining or participating. Besides, imagine the great feeling you’ll have if the event is for a cause.

That being said, a competitive event would be instrumental for sparking up your motivation even more.


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