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Is Pilates hard?


When you decide that you want to start doing Pilates, you must know that this form of physical conditioning can be very different from traditional exercise. How you see it and how it makes you feel depends on the varying degrees of difficulty that you approach. It can be gentle and quiet or rigorous and demanding of your body.

It’s a different experience

If you are a person that is not a fan of workouts, or you haven’t done any serious training routines, you will find Pilates exercises a bit challenging at first. Even more surprising is that those athletes that are used to training routines can find it difficult to grasp as well.

And that is not because it’s physically too physically demanding, but rather because it makes you move and think about your body in ways that you haven’t thought of before. The classes are a new experience for everybody. That is why, when you first start doing Pilates you must throw away all possible preconceived ideas about it. However, you should know that getting a pair of Pilates leggings will greatly help you.

It might take you a while to adjust to the routine and the most important thing in that period is that you don’t abandon the classes. They may seem odd to you at first but they will make you feel better and better as time goes by. You will start to get familiar with the moves and the pace and you will feel invigorated.

You can set your own routine

The great advantage of Pilates is that you can start easy and increase the difficulty of your exercises as you gain more experience. If you have a good instructor, you will do best if you work with her or him to find improvements that you can make even in the simplest exercises.

Going deeper into more complex exercises you will find out that there is constantly more to learn and improve upon and you will be able to better connect with your body. You will know what to focus on to improve the unique capabilities of your physique. If you want to learn faster, you can always watch a Pilates DVD.

Pilates is not a type of workout that means working the hardest you can. It’s about exploring and allowing yourself to be in harmony, increasing your awareness, and making you fitter and healthier through proper muscle activation, breathing and balance.

Progress is an essential part of it. Certain people try to go on to the next level but they don’t master their current workout too well. It’s important to remain patient and let the workout and the instructor teach you what muscles you should use, so you don’t miss out on the true purpose of the exercises.

And if you feel that your instructor is giving you exercises that are too much to handle for the time being, you can always discuss and adjust your workout as you see fit.

You need to learn to embrace it

Some people want to start training and immediately feel the signs of good exercise and they expect to be strong, flexible and healthy right away. But, as is the case with most workouts, that is hardly ever applicable. So, with Pilates, you will have to be prepared to approach a tortoise mindset – you will have a slow start but that will power you up more and more and will quicken your progress down the road.

You might feel a bit out of your comfort zone at first, and you might not understand what your instructor asks you to do. You need to listen and ask for clarifications, but don’t worry if you don’t understand something.

Most Pilates classes use a soft background music that is meant to help the participants pay attention not only to their body but to their mind and environment as well. It’s not the kind of music that pumps you up and makes you hyperactive, but it’s meditative and it influences you to be in a state of relaxed alertness during and after the workout.

Ultimately, you should know that Pilates is not a difficult practice for your body, but you need to approach it with an open mind because that’s how you will be able to reap the benefits of it. With time it will help you connect your mind and body better, it will make you healthier, more agile and you will feel a lot better.



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