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Lastworld New Heavy Duty Punching Bag Review

Last Updated: 23.05.19


11.1 New Heavy DutyPros


The punching bag is made of heavy-duty canvas.

The heavy bag can be filled with any material that the user prefers.

The bag can be used to practice or train for martial arts.

Unlike fully-assembled bags, this best punching bag from Lastworld will not cost so much to acquire.

The punching bag comes with the needed components to enable hanging right out of the box.





The bag is not water resistant due to its material, so it can’t be used outdoors.

One of the Lastworld New heavy duty punching bag reviews says the top of the bag has a zippered opening that is not exactly of durable quality, so care must be taken with it.

The bag can’t be filled with heavier types of material including sand and of course, water. (It doesn’t take a genius to figure that out!)

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Main features explained


This Pro-Quality canvas punching bag is made of heavy duty, good quality black canvas. The material makes the product more affordable than other heavy bags. Canvas bags are just as good as leather bags, and are also as durable and long lasting. Better than super-cheap vinyl bags, canvas bags are able to stand up to relatively hard beating so you won’t need to waste any more money buying a replacement in the future.


You can fill the bag up with any material you choose including rags, plastic bags, cotton, old clothes, etc. This gives you freedom to set the resistance level to your preference. This also ensures that you can comfortably use the bag since you know what is inside, so you can subject it to the kind of beating that will match the material you have filled it with.

Designed for boxing practice, this is the best heavy duty punching bag for people who want to customize their heavy bag so they can enjoy a personalized level of training according to their unique needs. The bag won’t give up on you easily, as it can take repeated beatings, kicks and punches. The bag offers superb shock absorption so it can withstand the impact of blows and strikes during training.


The Lastworld New Heavy Duty Punching Bag is 18 inches wide, offering a great striking surface that withstands the force you unleash on it. Offering high quality at low cost, the Lastworld New Heavy Duty Punching Bag is not the same as other heavy bags found elsewhere. The price is superbly affordable and won’t burn a hole in your pocket. You can rest assured that you have a great-quality punching bag at a super pocket-friendly price.


The bag is 50 inches long with the chains, and only 33 inches without. It is made in the USA, which is your proof of reliable quality and craftsmanship. You can mount it as soon as it arrives using the chains and chain hooks.





Constructed of good quality canvas, the Lastworld New Heavy Duty Punching Bag is a US-made product that offers durability and reliable performance. It comes with chains and hooks so all you need is a strong roof and somewhere to hang or mount the bag on. This heavy bag is priced affordably and enables you to choose what filler to use.


Buy from for ($29.99)




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