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Mizuno G3 Samurai Review


1.Mizuno G3 Samurai Shin Guards


Why is this product worth it?


Equipped with innovative construction via a patented detachable K-Pad, the Mizuno G3 Samurai shin guards cover the wearer’s knees in an all-around protective shell for superior coverage and a rigid shield that does not sacrifice mobility. Providing lightweight performance, the shin guards will not weigh the player down despite their solid construction.

They are integrated with stainless steel buckles that enable easy attachment while ensuring a snug fit and reliable non-slip wearing and resistance to chipping and rust for long-term use. The shin guards deliver added protection to the shins without restricting freedom of movement on the field, helping the player run about to win team goals.

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User feedback


These professional quality shin guards are perfect for those who want a solidly-constructed, high quality pair that comes at a reasonable price. Even coaches agree that the shin guards deliver a comfy and snug fit using the adjustment system they carry. To ensure optimal coverage, users simply adjust the toe guards to allow the player to crouch or squat and move about easily without any feeling of stiffness from the shin guards. Buyers agree that these shin guards do the job they are designed to do without compromising on fit and comfort. The knee pads allow free mobility and offer critical knee protection.  

Coach Paul writes that these are “professional quality shin guards” suitable for those who want a ‘high quality, sturdily constructed shin guard at a reasonable price.” Coach Paul further cites the easy adjustability of the shin guards that delivers a snug and comfy fit. He says the toe guards can be adjusted for fantastic coverage to conform to the wearer’s “personal crouch style”, so the user doesn’t have to suffer from uneasy and stiff movement.

Buyer Aaluck writes in his November 16, 2015 review that “These are very nice shin guards.” he says his 16-year-old son, who is 5 feet 8 inches tall, found a great fit in a 16.5 pair. AAluck further praises the “great knee pads” on the product.

2.Mizuno G3 Samurai Shin Guards


Our verdict


We consider the Mizuno G3 Samurai great value for money. This pair delivers the kind of level of protection that is to be expected in this type of gear. The exclusive K-Pad works nicely to deflect blows and ensure ample critical knee protection from impact during especially rough play, so your knees do not get injured or hurt.

When bought in the right size, these shin guards offer lightweight performance that shields the user from accidental knee or shin blows that can potentially cause injury. These shin guards offer the player the necessary protection for the lower legs, without compromising on easy mobility and flexibility on the field. Highly recommended!


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