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NFL Denver Broncos Tackle Buddy Review

Last Updated: 11.04.19





This is an officially licensed National Football League (NFL) product to give your child pride and joy when playing with it.

This product is manufactured with conformity to consumer safety specifications set for products in its specific category.

This tackle buddy offers safety and fun play with its suitable height for children and the weighted bottom.

This inflatable toy assures you of easy setup and inflating with its simple design.

This toy provides a great way for your kid to have fun and keep active without the need for a great amount of play space.





Like most other toys for younger kids, this product can’t be used by children older or heavier than what is specified for playing with this product. It can’t withstand the greater energy that older kids can subject a tackle toy to. Customers are reminded of the age restriction for using this toy.

Moreover, the toy has to be kept away from pets, as the appearance can somewhat make dogs or cats agitated. This may result in the toy getting damaged or completely destroyed by pets.

Most customer say this toy won’t stay deflated the whole day, which is logical considering the abuse it can be subjected to. The inflatable toy will have to be topped off with extra air every now and then to ensure it retains its inflated form.

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Main features explained


Endowing this product with authenticity is the fact that it is officially licensed by the National Football League (NFL). Like many other products in the same line, this tackle buddy comes with the NFL Denver Broncos logo on the front of the jersey. The team’s exclusive graphics also cover the toy at a full 360 degrees, so any point your kid wishes to bop and tackle the toy, there’s a feeling that they’re actually part of the team. This makes a great toy for your budding footballer who’s a fan of the NFL Denver Broncos.

Produced by Fremont Die, this toy conforms to ASTM Standard Consumer Safety Specification on Toy Safety F963-08. It has been subjected to physical and mechanical tests along with flammability tests and examination for heavy metals. It conforms to the USA Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (HR4040). Its total lead substrate content in the paint and surface coating is in accordance with Sec. 101(f) and 16 CFR 1303, while the Phthalates content is in accordance with Sec. 108. This ensures fun without harm to your child.


Offering safe and fun play, this product is constructed of durable vinyl material, which is flexible for easy forming, and is fire resistant and versatile. The bag is weighted for stability and provides bounce back action so your child can get exercise while playing. It has no sharp edges or corners and is also moisture resistant so no matter how sweaty your child becomes, the toy can be easily wiped clean.


This inflatable toy is easy to fill with air using a standard air pump. It measures 24 inches by 40 inches, just right for kids 3 years and slightly older. It doesn’t need sophisticated equipment to inflate and re-inflate. It needs very little space to play with.


Providing a fun and exciting way to burn off some energy, this inflatable bop toy enables your young child to enjoy active play. The toy bounces back so your child can practice evading it using some great footwork. Your child can learn effective strategies to ensure that playing with this product is productive in terms of energy use.





If you need a great means of keeping your child active at home, this inflatable tackle buddy provides the solution. Easy to inflate and durable enough to take the pressure from 3-year-old kids, this toy can serve as a good tackle buddy for your young footballer. Motivate your child to play actively and keep away from electronic gadgets that only stimulate lazy play.


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