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Nike Charge Review


1.3 Nike Charge Kids Soccer Shin Guards


Why is this product worth it?


It’s not uncommon for parents to wonder if it is worth it to spend their money on a product their child will soon outgrow, but when it comes to their safety on the soccer field this shouldn’t even be a consideration. Not only are these kids soccer shin guards from Nike designed for protection and durability with the high density reinforced outer shell, they also come at an affordable price budget conscious parents will love. The strap fastens in the rear to provide kids with a secure and comfortable fit, and it also won’t irritate sensitive skin. Another reason why these shin guards are worth it is the simple fact that the attractive and comfortable design is one that kids will want to wear.

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User feedback


With plenty of positive reviews by satisfied consumers you can rest assured that these soccer shin guards are well received by fellow consumers. As is common with shin guards, especially for kids, the majority of complaints deal with difficulties regarding sizing. Unfortunately it is even worse with Nike products since not only do the company’s sizes run a little smaller than other manufacturers, it is also difficult to find a clear and concise sizing chart. This can make it frustrating for some parents to find shin guards that fit their child’s smaller legs properly.

Other than issues with sizing most of the reviews deal with the positive aspects of these soccer sock guards. Several reviews commented on the attractive design and comfortable fit that makes it easy to get kids to wear the shin guards. Other satisfied customers remarked on the high quality and durable construction, while others say they appreciate the machine washable materials. With reviews calling these shin guards “great” and “very well made” you can rest assured that you are getting a quality product for your money.

1.2 Nike Charge Kids Soccer


Our verdict


If you need a pair of shin guards for toddlers or kids these are a good option for you to consider. We do want you to pay close attention to the size since Nike’s do run smaller than other brands. If you want a pair of shin guards that kids will wear and you don’t want to spend a lot of money the Nike Charge might be just what you are looking for.


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