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Nike Pro Combat Hyperstrong Review


1.Nike Pro Combat Hyperstrong Compression


Why is this product worth it?


Made of durable and versatile polyester, the Nike Pro Combat Hyperstrong shin guards offer extra strong compression to enable the athlete to move faster and with greater ease. The exclusive Dri FIT fabric moves moisture from perspiration away from the body and straight to the fabric surface where it evaporates quickly, eliminating the likelihood of odor and skin irritation from accumulated bacteria and germs.

The DeTech padding over the shin offers reliable protection from impact and hits while playing. This lightweight product features a one-piece structure for durability and seamlessness. The flat seams do not rub uncomfortably against the skin to cause blisters and irritation.



User feedback


This product belongs to an exclusive line of Nike products endorsed by basketball greats Kobe Bryant and LeBron James. It prepares the top athletes for combat–literally. Like all other products in the series, these shin guards have a special DeTech padding that deflects impacts and hits so the user will not get hurt or injured during games.

If top athletes are willing to lend their names to these products and others in the same line, they must have proven for themselves that the entire line is worth staking their name on. Surely, these shin guards will become a favorite among consumers who value quality at an affordable price.

3.Nike Pro Combat Hyperstrong Compression


Our verdict


We love how these shin guards come with a revolutionary DeTech padding on the shin part, which effectively takes impacts and hits during play. You won’t have to worry about sudden tumbles on the hard court where an errant kick from another player’s basketball shoes could easily send you to the dugout because of excruciating pain on your shins.

The shin guards are made of lightweight Dri FIT fabric that easily absorbs sweat and keeps it away from your skin, so you stay dry and comfortable even after hours of intense practice. The compression sleeves provide support, helping athletes enjoy real value for money.



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