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Outslayer Muay Thai Heavy Bag Double Stand Review

Last Updated: 21.05.19






This is a 100% American product so you can rest assured that you are helping the economy.

Outslayer is one of the most well-known manufacturers of punching bags on the market today.

The height of the stand bag is adjustable, as is the speed bag platform and this gives you excellent versatility for your training sessions.

The unit includes a heavy bag attachment and a speed bag platform so you are all set to start training as soon as possible.

The model is made of heavy duty steel, which guarantees amazing durability and the ability to withstand loads of punishment.





Considering the fact that this is a relatively new item, it has not yet gathered too many Outslayer Muay Thai heavy bag double stand reviews. All things considered, we have come across no negative ratings. There have been no customer complaints, as Outslayer is known for offering amazing customer support and unbeatable product warranties.

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Main features explained


The market is being over flooded with cheap Asian products that are generally not very well built. Although some might be high quality, the vast majority of punching bags coming from some Asian countries such as China are fake imitations of American products. This is a punching bag manufactured on the territory of the United States, as the manufacturer has a withstanding reputation of developing units in this country.


Buying branded products can come against some people’s beliefs, but we’ll say that in this case it might be a good idea to have a look at the Outslayer company history. The brand’s been on the market for a very long time and has slowly but surely won the hearts of people that train with heavy bags and speed bags.


Usability partly comes from an item’s versatility, and versatility is usually related to how adjustable a stand can be. We’ll put your mind at ease. The height of this stand is adjustable, as is the case with the speed bag platform. In fact, the speed bag platform can even be customized to accommodate the needs of children. If that’s not versatility, we really don’t know what is.


This double stand includes a heavy bag attachment as well as a 2 ¼-inch thick speed bag platform. These two stations can be used at the same time, so nobody’s stopping you from  training with a friend or an acquaintance, particularly if you intend on buying the stand for your own home.


Durability is a detail to consider when it comes to buying a heavy bag stand. With this one, reliability and convenience are combined into a single product, considering that it is made with 2” 11 gauge heavy duty steel. As if the steel weren’t enough, the manufacturers are offering a 10-year warranty on this unit, thus giving a hand to users who still might have second thoughts about prospecting this model.





This might just as well be the best heavy bag stand we have come across during our research. Given the fact that it can be bought for a fair price and that it has been manufactured by Outslayer, we believe it might be worth having a look at. If you haven’t made up your mind about the features you should look for in a model, read the description of this one, as it comes with pretty much everything you might require.


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