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Outslayer Muay Thai Heavy Punching Bag Review

Last Updated: 23.05.19






This is a 100% American product that comes with an unbeatable warranty.

The punching bag is now being sold filled, which is surely an advantage for people looking for hassle-free units.

The bag can be secured to the floor for maximum stability.

Outslayer Muay Thai heavy punching bag reviews recommend it for the value/price ratio and for the overall item quality.

The model is highly affordable as it is made out of vinyl.





Even though it might be difficult to believe, this product has yet to gather any negative reviews. Considering that more than 95% of the people who have purchased this variant were satisfied enough with its quality that they ended up providing 5-star ratings, it’s safe to say that it would be worth having a look at. The buyers who provided 4-star reviews didn’t really provide any info related to why they took a star off their ratings.

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Main features explained


Outslayer is one of the most well-known manufacturing brands when it comes to durable punching bags. A withstanding reputation doesn’t come on its own, so the brand is offering a 10-year warranty on this item because it knows that it’s pretty hard to destroy. The fact that it is being manufactured in the United States is a great plus for people looking for an original model, as cheap, Chinese units are currently flooding the market.


Punching bags need to be filled with special material, which can be bought separately but is at times difficult to find. In order to eliminate any complication on the part of the user, Outslayer has decided to sell this unit already filled. Stability is a thing to consider when buying heavy bags, as some people might require more than others. For example, this product has a weight capacity of 300lbs, which can pose a threat to the health of inexperienced users. On the bottom of the heavy bag, there’s a D-ring that can be used to secure the unit to the floor. Since it comes with four leather straps, the model doesn’t require the use of any chains.


Judging by the reviews it has gathered over time, this might just as well be the best punching bag from Outslayer. There have been coaches and special trainers who have recommended this item and who claim that they have equipped their gyms with Outslayer products, as they look good and are great in quality. While vinyl might not be as high-quality as leather, it’s still quite affordable and highly resistant. The one used in this model is known for taking a lot of abuse and packing more than a couple of punches. It sure looks like durability is an innate characteristic of this product.





This is probably the best Muay Thai punching bag for people looking for a 300lbs one. It’s highly recommended by professional trainers and comes with all the perks one might require for his or her physical activity. Moreover, it is covered by a 10-year warranty.


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