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Outslayer Punching Bag for Boxing and MMA Review

Last Updated: 23.05.19






The special material filling keeps the surface even and prevents clumps and empty spots.

This punching bag uses high quality materials, enabling it to withstand plenty of abuse throughout the years.

It sports good balance and superb density for a heavy bag, providing the best workout conditions possible.

It comes with an excellent 10 year warranty, a testimony of its quality and durability.





After extensive testing we sincerely could not find anything bad to say about it. No matter how much we tried our tests come back the same; this is simply a great product. There is however the problem of delivery to some parts of the country. Unfortunately this superb heavy punching bag cannot be delivered to Hawaii and Alaska and this may pose a problem for those living in these states.

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Main features explained


One of the most annoying problems of all low quality punching bags is the fact that the interior filling gets uneven after some time. The Outslayer 80lb prevents this by using a special kind of filling that keeps the interior and exterior as even as possible even after years of intensive use. Keeping its shape and density, the Outslayer 80lb will remain as good and efficient as it was the first day throughout the years.


All the major Outslayer punching bag reviews point out the material durability and stitching quality of this punching bag. Created to last, this heavy punching bag can withstand a lot of physical abuse from all kinds of punches, kicks and hits. Used with great success by both amateurs and professionals, this punching bag is an excellent long term investment, for anyone who looks for quality and endurance.


When it comes to workout efficiency, nothing rivals a good balanced heavy punching bag. Not too dense, not too loose, this bag has the perfect density. Dense bags can strain the joints and even damage the bones, while loose punching bags will not offer the best conditions for a proper training routine. Praised by all its users, this heavy punching bag has perfect density, opposing just the right amount of force, making it one of the best punching bag for MMA and all other contact sports.


With an extended ten years warranty, Outslayer assures all its customers that this punching bag is indeed one of the best models money can buy today. Few other models can compete on equal terms with it when it comes to durability, balance and efficiency, and this warranty guaranties that its excellent qualities will last through the years.





Liked by all its users and praised by all reviewers, this heavy punching bag is by far the best punching bag from Outslayer that you can get right now. Its ten year warranty and focus on durability make it the perfect choice for anyone who wants to make a long term investment in a quality product. With perfect balance and superb interior filling that keeps its firm shape, the Outslayer 80lb is a dream come true for all trainers out there. Helping anyone get in their best possible shape, this punching bag is a great addition for both amateurs and professionals.


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