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ProForce Leatherette Boxing Gloves Review

Last Updated: 12.04.19





These gloves are designed for multi-purpose use so they are great, all-around gear.

The ergonomic design makes the gloves highly functional.

These gloves offer comfort for the user.

The gloves provide good support and optimal fit plus durability.

This pair is easy to put on so you can get on with your training session in no time.





Built for protection on the hands while engaging in martial arts sports, these gloves may limit your flexibility. Fighting with bare hands will not be the same as having the gloves on.

According to one user, the 16 OZ is more compact than typical larger 16 OZ gloves so they tend to pack a heavier or harder punch, which is something that your sparring partner may not appreciate.

The padding on the gloves is evenly distributed throughout instead of just being predominantly on the side, which is unlike what most boxing gloves have. However, this means your entire hand gets consistent protection all over regardless how hard you hit during training. The key is to practice good punching technique to optimize the design of the gloves.

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Main features explained


These ProForce gloves are designed for a variety of physical training disciplines including boxing, martial arts, cardiovascular and fitness workouts. They are also great for Muay Thai, MMA, karate, kickboxing and exercise or aerobics boxing. Men and women can use them, from beginner to advanced skill levels, for mitts and bag work


The gloves feature a cotton lining that wicks sweat away from the skin to ensure comfort. The pre-curved form fit provides enough level of flexibility and superb grip together with the flex grip palm, giving you control on your punching technique. Get amazing comfort with the thumb lock that also works to make the gloves easy to put on. Your wrists also get excellent support and fit. Your hands will not sweat a lot during intense workouts because the palm area of the gloves is vented to allow good airflow, which effectively prevents the buildup of stench-producing bacteria due to perspiration.

The gloves come with a high-grade foam core with cotton lining, which provides sufficient padding for comfort. The vented palm provides ventilation to keep your hands cool and fresh while training. The revolutionary ThumbLock feature lets you assume proper punching form to develop your boxing skills and technique. The leatherette material comes with low maintenance and easy cleaning.


The ultra-cuff wrist strap comes with an innovative hook-and-loop closure that ensures a great fit. The gloves are available in a wide variety of sizes from 10 OZ to 24 OZ in 2-OZ increments. They are easy to put on and remove. Users have proven them to be nicely constructed. The front and back side come with great padding to ensure a snug fit. Constructed from premium quality leatherette material, the gloves are waterproof and age well.


The gloves come with a looped closure system with a hook designed to keep them in place so they won’t unexpectedly come loose during intense punching sessions. The closure system also makes the gloves easy to put on and take off





If you seek comfort, superior hand protection and support plus durability in your training gloves, this pair makes a great option. These ProForce gloves can be worn by both men and women for various purposes including kickboxing, Muay Thai, MMA, light sparring, heavy bag workouts, mitts work, and floor exercises, to name just a few. Made of good quality leatherette, the gloves offer low maintenance and easy cleaning. They age well so you can enjoy many sessions at the gym without getting them looking tattered and worn out after just a few sessions. They come with a pre-curved form fit that makes them conform to the shape of your hand. The ThumbLock feature provides extra protection to the thumb against accidental strikes. Overall, these gloves make a great investment for the beginner who needs ample protection and support while training.


Buy from for ($20.31)




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