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Pure Boxing The Man Punching Bag Review

Last Updated: 22.05.19


1.Pure Boxing The Man Punching Bag




This is the best punching bag from Pure Boxing as it offers multiple benefits to the user.

Featuring LED lights that indicate where to punch and kick, the Pure Boxing The Man Punching Bag offers a unique workout experience.

The unit is manufactured from high quality materials.

It is superbly easy to use.

This punching bag has a built-in scoring system and offers customized workouts.





Two of the Pure Boxing The Man Punching Bag reviews raise issues on the LED lights in their units being broken.




Main features explained


Undoubtedly the best punching bag you can get for the money, the Pure Boxing The Man is designed to help you master your art, improve your stamina and get in an aerobic workout all at the same time. It offers a means of finetuning your techniques in punching and kicking so you can improve on the specific areas that need more practice. The Pure Boxing The Man Punching Bag allows you to use your stamina fully by holding back when needed and throwing your full force into every jab or kick when you want. This product helps you unleash your armed combat potentials and was originally developed to train professional boxers and martial arts experts.

3.Pure Boxing The Man Punching Bag

The Pure Boxing The Man Punching Bag has LED lights that operate on the included four Double-A batteries. The LED lights serve to tell you exactly where to deliver every punch and kick during your selected program. As the selected program begins, the LED lights indicate where exactly you should hit.


The Pure Boxing The Man Punching Bag has a body manufactured from indestructible rugged polyethylene plastic geared with soft target area foam to absorb impact energy and dissipate it to prevent injury to your knuckles, hands, elbows and knees. You can fill the base with up to 249 pounds of sand or water to ensure maximum stability and keep the unit from moving about on the floor.


This unique punching bag is superbly easy to use. You begin by hitting the corresponding button to select your program. Press the Mode button to start. The left side features the programs and lets you select your program from 1 through 5 for each level. Once you’ve selected that, press the Mode button again, then use the up and down buttons to toggle easily through each of the three skill levels. Once that is selected, simply hit Start and you are in a countdown to your selected program. The punching bag works like a personal trainer that stays with you 24/7.


This punching bag keeps you motivated and engaged throughout your workouts. It has a built-in scoring system that enables you to monitor your progress in each workout and also to motivate you to compete with others who use the unit. Adjustable up to 6 feet, the Pure Boxing The Man Punching Bag is equipped with 15 pre-programmed workouts and 5 boxing programs. It comes with Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced workout levels from which you can select your preferred degree of training intensity.

2.Pure Boxing The Man Punching Bag




Giving you the opportunity to gauge your progress in your workouts, the Pure Boxing The Man Punching Bag helps you develop your skills and train whether you are a novice or a pro. The unique system of this punching bag enables you to track your progress to find out if you are ready to move up or if you still need more technique refinements.




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