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RDX Cow Hide Leather Boxing Gloves Review

Last Updated: 24.05.19


2.RDX Cow Hide Leather Boxing Gloves




The gloves are made of authentic NAPPA cowhide leather and superior quality materials.

They are suitable for a variety of training disciplines.

The gloves ensure comfort and protection during your most intensive punching workouts.

The gloves also ensure optimum fit to help you get better in your punching techniques.

They are designed for dependable performance so you can develop your punching technique.





The gloves come in two sizes at Amazon: 10 OZ and 12 OZ. only, so the buyer may have a challenging time deciding which one provides a more snug or better fit. The choice will most likely depend on your level of ability.

The choice of colors is also quite limited but that is not a principal factor considering the gloves deliver dependable functionality. The gloves are not intended to serve as your fashion statement, in the first place.

The wraparound velcro closure makes the gloves difficult to put on and take off without assistance. However, once properly worn, they provide a secure fit.

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Main features explained


Constructed of genuine extra-flexible NAPPA cowhide leather, these handcrafted gloves ensure matchless durability. They can be used for countless training sessions at the gym. The cowhide material is virtually impervious to water or moisture. The gloves can’t be easily punctured or torn. The material is also breathable and resistant to heat and sun damage so you can hang the gloves to dry in the sun after washing or after a bout at the gym. The material doesn’t peel or crack. The padding is gel-integrated, the securing system for the hands is Quick-EZ Velcro, the inner thumb is SPP treated and the gloves feature Efficax lining.


The gloves are great for sparring, for punching bag training, mitts work, Muay Thai and fitness boxing. They also work well for Full Finger Football (F3) workouts as needed. You’ll love how they enable you to work on your punching technique.

2.RDX Cow Hide Leather Boxing Gloves

The dense shell-shock gel integrated padding absorbs the impact of the strikes you deliver when boxing. Boasting revolutionary moisture management technology (MMT), the gloves come with Cool X palm mesh plus S P.P™ (specially perforated) treated inner thumb to ensure optimal ventilation. There’s always enough space for your hand to breathe while ensuring that moisture and sweat are efficiently wicked away for reliable temperature regulation. The efficiency of the gloves is ensured by the extra-wide T-Lock anti-thumbing feature that protects your thumb from getting broken if you accidentally hit the target with that digit instead of your knuckle.


The Quick-EZ™ Velcro Closure system offers a wraparound hooked design to deliver a snug fit and better wrist support. The system also holds the gloves securely in place to promote good punching form and to ensure that they don’t come loose during the most critical moments of your training session.


Designed for reliable performance, the gloves help you improve your punching technique so you get better with every training session. You can enjoy better support and grip with these Gel Tech based gloves that have a perfectly sized grip hose.





Delivering superior performance and reliable fit, these gloves offer fantastic functionality for a variety of training disciplines. Use them for Muay Thai, mitts work, punching bag workouts, sparring and fitness boxing. You’ll love the supple feel of the NAPPA cowhide leather that ensures lasting durability, water resistance and resilience against tears and punctures. The exclusive padding and patented lining deliver protection on your hands and wrists to prevent soreness and injury. The gloves even come with a secure anti-thumbing feature that ensures you don’t get your thumb injured during intensive workouts. You’ll love how this pair of boxing gloves can help you develop effective punching techniques.


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