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RDX MMA Protective Gear Review


1.1 RDX Leather MMA Shin


Why is this product worth it?


RDX is one of the most well-known manufacturers in the industry of martial arts protective gear. That’s why this product is in complete accordance with the quality standards imposed by the brand. As such, the model has been constructed using cowhide leather, which means that it has a high chance of being comfortable on the user’s shin and foot areas even when being used for a longer time in the ring.

The coverage offered by the RDX model can’t be denied. Thus, the unit features a three layer contoured padding that makes it possible for the individuals wearing the gear to remain in the game even if they’ve received serious blows from their opponents. The option has been designed to absorb the shock that one might feel if one were not wearing these shin guards.

In spite of the fact that there are three main sizes one can purchase the RDX protective gear, we’ve noticed that small, medium, and large are concepts that aren’t immovable in this case. This situation is due to the fact that the guards come with adjustable straps, thus allowing owners to choose the right fastening they require. Keep in mind that, while shin guards are designed to protect one from the hits they might receive in the ring, they should not restrict the user’s movements or block circulation.

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User feedback


From what we’ve gathered by looking at the reviews gathered by this model, it is remarkably critically acclaimed. Many buyers claim that the fit is excellent, which should put the mind at ease of anyone thinking that sock-like alternatives are better than strap-type ones. Various other owners say that these shin guards managed to meet and even exceed their expectations, thus offering tremendous value.

1.2 RDX Leather MMA Shin


Our verdict


It’s often times difficult to get a high-end pair of shin guards that is built to last and costs less than one hundred dollars. Fortunately, the RDX model appears to satisfy the needs of even the pickiest MMA practitioners, regardless of whether they’re interested in competing or practicing on a regular basis.


Buy from for ($87.09)




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