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RDX Neoprene MMA Review


1.1 RDX Neoperene MMA


Why is this product worth it?


Sock-like shin guards are many a times more comfortable to wear compared to their strap-type counterparts. However, many people seem to think that they don’t offer the same degree of protection. The RDX Neoprene MMA is here to argue as the neoprene sleeve packed with the RuBrex Grip technology make these guards secure and comfortable. If you purchase this alternative, you’ll find that, below the knee, there’s a silicone gripper that can keep the guard in place all the time, regardless of the amplitude of your movements.

Another reason you may feel tempted to go for the RDX alternative is that it features a unique moisture management technology that makes it possible for users to enjoy their training sessions or competitions without feeling too hot. In short, these guards are a comfortable choice regardless of the season you might want to go to the studio.

Last but not least, it might be worth noting that the model offers more than enough protection as it has an intelligent memory padding as well as a closed cell foam that makes shock absorbing truly efficient. In the end, that’s what we’re looking for in a pair of shin guards designed for MMA – a barrier against the blows we might receive from our opponents.

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User feedback


Most of the Amazon buyers whose opinions we’ve gone through claim that these guards offer just the right balance between comfort and shelter. Besides, they fit comfortably and don’t slip while they are being used. In addition, owners appear to be able to slip them on their legs with ease, which goes to show that they don’t have any chance of experiencing circulation problems while in the ring. Even if there have been some individuals who say that the single stitching doesn’t look like it’s going to last for very long, there have been no negative reviews in this sense.

1.2 RDX Neoperene MMA


Our verdict


Given that, depending on the size you may want to order, these shin guards usually don’t cost more than sixty dollars, we believe that the RDX pair is worth taking into account. If you’re in the market for just the right value for the right price, perhaps you’d enjoy giving a shot to this one.


Buy from for ($50.91)




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