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Revgear 41205 Review

Last Updated: 11.04.19


1.1 Revgear Shin


Why is this product worth it?


When it comes to convenience, this Revgear model is a net winner. For one, these shin guards can be put on and pulled off easily, allowing users to enjoy their performance without any restrictions. In fact, we’ve noticed that the Revgear shin and instep pads have been constructed in such a way so that they allow owners to perform in the ring just as well as they would without any leg and foot protection.

Another benefit of utilizing this option is that it can be cleaned using the washing machine. Kickboxers are probably aware of the fact that sweat can get built up in the fabric of this kind of product, which is why it needs a good rinse from time to time. Luckily, you won’t have to waste too much time on cleaning and maintenance if you go for the Revgear, as it has been developed so that it withstands the high temperatures of water in a washing machine as well as the abuse that such a home appliance might inflict upon it.

As for the fastening system, it might be worth noting that this is a sock-like alternative. As such, you won’t have the benefit of using Velcro straps, which is why we recommend ordering the right size in accordance with the dimensions of your shin.

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User feedback


Close to 50 individuals were kind enough to award 5-star ratings to this product. This figure is well above the appreciation we’ve discovered in many of its competitors. Some of the people who’ve reviewed the shin guards claim that they’ve had no trouble with gliding the guards on their legs. Surprisingly, they are very comfortable to wear and are definitely not at the root of any circulation problem while in the ring.

1.2 Revgear Shin


Our verdict


Getting a good pair of shin instep and pads typically calls for an investment. This isn’t the case with the Revgear, as we’ve seen that many online retailers, including Amazon, sell it for less than thirty dollars. As such, we recommend the product to all kickboxers who want a pair of good-quality yet affordable shin pads that are comfortable, reliable, and durable.


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