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Shift Racing Enforcer Motocross Review

Last Updated: 11.04.19


1.1 Shift Racing Enforcer Adult Knee


Why is this product worth it?


Shift is one of the leading brands in the industry of manufacturing protective gear destined for motorcycle and powersports. Thus, with any product you will buy from Shift, you’ll benefit from the excellent customer support offered by the company. But since that isn’t the main reason behind choosing this knee/shin guard, it might be worth noting that nothing beats this model when it comes to protection, convenience, and reliability.

For one, these guards are amazingly easy to fastened around your knee and lower leg as they come with dual elastic adjustment straps. Motorbikers seem to prefer this kind of guard over the sock-like alternative as they have the freedom to customize the size of the product in accordance with their own physical features and preferences.

Secondly, the two-piece pivoting design of this option allows the rider to perform all the movements he or she might need in order to adjust his position while on the road. Flexibility is a benefit that can’t be argued, particularly if you intend to take a longer trip with your motorbike and have to feel as comfortable as possible during the many hours spent riding.

Last but not least, the guards are well-ventilated and roomy enough to allow users to use various types of pants without sacrificing anything in terms of comfort.

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User feedback


From what we have gathered, most of the individuals who chose to buy the Shift product praise its value and excellent build. The protectors are comfortable yet perfectly sturdy, which is why riders can finally feel safe enough on the road. In actuality, many of the owners say that the guards are actually better than what they had expected them to be like.

1.2 Shift Racing Enforcer Adult Knee


Our verdict


To sum up, the Shift Racing Knee/Shin alternative is worth every penny and actually does not cost a lot of money in the end. With a price point below thirty dollars, it’s safe to say that these affordable guards come with a series of features that are pretty hard to say no to.


Buy from for ($14.95)




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