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STX Field Hockey Contour Review


1.STX Field Hockey Contour Shinguard


Why is this product worth it?


The STX Field Hockey Contour shin guards are equipped with a form-fitting ergonomic shape that ensures that they conform to the shape of your lower legs. This ensures that they deliver an comfortable and snug fit that won’t slide down the leg and need frequent adjustments, which can be pretty inconvenient when you are doing your best to play really well.

The Contour has open holes and mesh material for reliable ventilation to keep you feeling cool and comfortable even during intense play. Moisture and sweat will evaporate quickly so the covered part of your legs won’t feel hot and wet. The fabric dries quickly as well.

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User feedback


The STX Contour tend to come too big, as they are available only in adult sizing and not youth versions. Though solidly constructed, the shin guards are noted to come only in a specific size, so consumers should take note of that fact even before placing an order.

Those who already own this model know what a great pair they are and should make it a point to note down the correct size they should get to ensure consistent performance. It is not the manufacturer’s responsibility to ascertain which size should go to specific customers because it is part of the customer’s role to know the particular size they should get.

2.STX Field Hockey Contour Shinguard


Our verdict


When bought in the right size, these shin guards deliver as they are supposed to. They provide ample protection to the player’s lower legs from force due to impact from lacrosse sticks, the ball or lacrosse cleats during a tough fight for ball possession. If every lacrosse athlete had to be outfitted with dependable protective gear for the lower legs, these shin guards would easily fit the bill.

The shin guards also provide good ventilation to ensure a comfortable and cool feeling while playing, preventing the buildup of germs and itch-causing microbes from trapped moisture and sweat. The shin guards would be great to acquire for a whole team in just a single color.


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