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STX Valor Review


1.STX Valor Shin Guards


Why is this product worth it?


Helping you keep your mind on the game, the STX Valor delivers lightweight performance to protect your lower legs from blunt force and trauma arising from impacts and hits from lacrosse sticks, a hurtling ball or an opponent’s cleats. The sensitive parts of your shin can be covered adequately to ensure protection from hits and impacts that can cause permanent injury or tremendous pain.

The shin guards feature an exclusive High Def Polymer multi-surface backing that ensures ultra lightweight and low profile protection without absorbing sweat and moisture, which are causes of skin irritation and odor. You’ll love the rigid yet flexible structure that ensures adequate toughness and mobility.

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User feedback


According to users, these shin guards provide a great fit. You won’t have to use compression sleeves or tape to get the shin guards to stay at a fixed position on your calves and shins and to ensure non-slippage during rough play.

They are delightfully lightweight and can offer the kind of protection that goalies would need for the intensive defense of the goal they have to do. They can also be used by attackmen and defense players. Depending on the consumer’s preference, these shin guards should be usable no matter what position you play in the team, as they clearly offer all-around functionality.

2.STX Valor Shin Guards


Our verdict


We love the flexible rib design on the shin guards, which allows the gear to have greater flexibility compared to similar pieces of equipment. They deliver increased mobility to make the player move easier while offering full protection.

The shin guards enable easy adjustment to fit thanks to the removable and adjustable velcro straps that deliver secure leg attachment without slipping or sliding down. They are sure to decrease the force of hits and impacts on the lower legs during rough games. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this for use by goalies who need a balance of flexibility, comfort and protection.


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