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Tera Heavy Duty Punching Bag Review

Last Updated: 24.05.19


1.Tera Heavy Duty Punching Bag




This is the best punching bag from Tera thanks to its quality materials.

The punching bag ensures secure hanging.

This punching bag is able to swing and rotate freely while hanging and offers superb shock absorbency.

The punching bag offers a means to train or simply rid yourself of stress.

The gym gear conveniently comes in two sizes.





One of the Tera Heavy Duty Punching Bag reviews rues the fact that the product doesn’t come filled, but this is simply to give the buyer the option to fill the punching bag with the preferred material. It also ensures that the punching bag ships with considerably less weight.




Main features explained


The product is manufactured from extra tough and rugged polycanvas material and features a smooth PU fabric on the punching section of the bag. This is the best punching bag since it is designed to protect your knuckles, elbows and knees from scraping thanks to the user-friendly PU fabric. The product can take the punishment of kicks and punches to help you perfect your fighting techniques. The quality manufacture enables it to withstand the impact of blows so it can last longer. Aside from the PU and canvas materials, the punching bag also comes with stainless steel components.

2.Tera Heavy Duty Punching Bag

The punching bag is equipped with a sturdy stainless steel chain with a solid triangle connector built into the ends with double stitching and with rivet reinforcements. The components ensure that when you hang the Tera Heavy Duty Punching Bag, it remains suspended and won’t just suddenly come off the hanging setup and land on you. Once properly suspended, the punching bag stays hanging. The chain links provide an even hanging height and ensure that the punching bag doesn’t break off its mounting.


The punching bag has a built-in swivel that helps keep it hanging, swinging or rotating freely as you practice your jabs or punches. You can move around on your feet to fine tune your footwork or just let the bag do the swiveling while you just strengthen your punching power. This tough red and black punching bag gives you the ultimate workout by helping you customize your technique for hand-to-hand combat. The integrated swivel setup ensures that you stay moving throughout your jabbing sessions. Enjoy superb shock absorbency thanks to the specially blended filler. Designed with empty stuffing, the punching bag is easy to set so just a single person can set it up and put it together. When filling the bag from its top section, you can also adjust the weight.


Geared for use by MMA trainees and aerobic boxers, the Tera Heavy Duty Punching Bag can take daily punching and kicking. It is equipped with a hanging ring for convenient mounting and offers great resistance to wearing and tearing when used as intended. Suitable for stress relief, the punching bag is perfect for home gyms as well.


The Tera Heavy Duty Punching Bag comes in two sizes. The 70 cm model weighs in at approximately 1.1 kilogram while the large 100cm model weighs in at 1.37 kilograms. The smaller model measures 70 x 27 cm while the bigger model measures approximately 100 x 45 cm. No matter which size you choose, the punching bag can be hung on training equipment such as a chin-up bar or a cornerman. You can also hang it on the beams in your garage, barn or gym room.

3.Tera Heavy Duty Punching Bag




The Tera Heavy Duty Punching Bag is an extremely useful piece of gym equipment that you can use to hone your boxing and kicking techniques. It is a reliable punching bag manufactured with high quality materials and comes in a lovely black-and-red combination color and two sizes so you can choose which is suitable for you.




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