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The budget you need to take up pilates classes


Are you tired of spending countless hours at the office without any real interaction in your life? Are your back pains and sciatica killing you slowly without even realizing? Do you wish to start practicing sport but you’re not really an athletic person? Going to the gym daily should be an option, not a necessity. If you wish to gain improved mobility and reduce back pains, as well as start to feel better and look better, you need to start practicing a sport.

Yoga classes might seem tempting, but you will gladly quit them right after your first muscular fever. So why not start with something a little bit easier yet still rewarding enough? Pilates has become extremely popular in the past few years, especially since it combines yoga moves with simple stretching techniques and some easy muscle build-up exercises.

Practicing pilates on a regular basis will not only improve your health condition but will also help you balance your mind, reduce the feelings of stress and anxiety, and even help you with sleep problems and depression. It is not about just stretching your body but also about achieving a certain inner peace. So, if you decided to pick up pilates classes, here is what you should take into account.


How much will the classes cost?

Assuming that you want a real teacher and not one shouting from a DVD, you will first need to find a suitable gym and a trainer you trust. Depending on the size of the class, as well as the intensity of the workout, the gym’s reputation and equipment provided, a single pilates class can range between approximately 20 dollars and up to 200 dollars.

The main thing you should know about pilates is that there are two types of exercises you are going to perform – apparatus sessions and regular mat classes. Mat classes usually have 10-20 participants, each paying around 20 dollars for a session. Apparatus sessions are more expensive because trainers usually work with smaller groups to provide each individual the required attention. Thus, expect to pay between 40 and 150-200 dollars, again depending on the gym’s reputation, location, and others.

We recommend beginners to start with apparatus sessions as they are less physically soliciting. The best would be to appeal to a monthly subscription of at least ten sessions, alternating the apparatus sessions with the regular mat classes.



Picking up pilates is a great opportunity for a little shopping round while looking for the best outfit to impress the crowd. Whether you choose to wear bralettes or regular t-shirts, pilates will give you the perfect excuse to refresh your wardrobe with some new active wear items.

There are countless brands that offer qualitative working out items, so you will first have to establish your own budget. If you want to look fashionable even at the gym, we suggest choosing products from reputed brands like Stella McCartney for Adidas or Victoria’s Secret. Fenty x Puma, Rihanna’s own capsule collection for Puma has some really cool pilates items you could purchase.

If you also look for a conscious wardrobe that looks after the environment, we suggest taking a look at the Manduka brand. Most of the brand’s items are made from recycled materials, with super-soft fabrics and extra support where you need it. Prices vary between 50 and over 200 dollars for just one pilates activewear item, but the Earth will thank you. As for the brands mentioned above, a pair of leggings can cost up to over 100 dollars, while a bralette or sports bra is sold for approximately 50-60 dollars.

Obviously, you also have the choice of low-budget and mass brands like H&M and Bershka or even Primark. Each of these retailers sells dozens of models of activewear clothes for prices starting at just a few dollars. After all, it is important to feel comfortable.

As a general rule, choose breathable and lightweight items that are made from natural and absorbing fabrics. Reputed brands like Adidas or Nike have already developed their own stay-dry technologies, so it is worth giving them a try. They may be more expensive, but the fabrics are of superior quality that will stretch only as much as necessary and have increased durability.

Shoes or barefoot?

Practicing pilates gives you the choice of wearing shoes or coming barefoot in the gym. It is really up to you and your own personal requirements. Most of those who practice Pilates on a regular basis choose to come barefoot at the mat classes and wear a pair of lightweight trainers during the apparatus training sessions. If you do choose to wear shoes, make sure the pair you are using is a brand new, and it is appropriately cleaned on a regular basis. After each training, you should let your shoes breathe properly. Get rid of odors using natural degreasing solutions or professional chemical products and always make sure to wash your trainers constantly to remove dust, dirt, sweat, and bacteria.



Although most of the pilates studios and gyms provide you the necessary mat to perform your exercises, you can bring your own. The great advantage is that you’ll be the only one using it and you can practice your stretching routine anywhere you are. Pilates or yoga mattresses are basically the same. They provide you with the necessary back support while keeping a lightweight and extremely flexible design.

They come in countless sizes, shapes, colors, and designs, so there is certainly one to match your needs and personality. You can buy a regular pilates mattress for under 20 dollars, or you could choose to spend more.



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