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The ideal home-gym equipment depending on your favorite workout

Last Updated: 11.04.19


As summer is just a season away, it’s time to dust off your running shoes and get in shape by hitting the gym or doing some serious running. However, there’s certainly much more than just hitting the jogging path or making use of gym equipment to get in shape. A gym membership can be quite expensive, as you very well know.

Besides, gyms are sources of all sorts of germs considering how crowded they can become. This also makes gym workouts eat up a huge chunk of your time even if it’s just four days per week, which is ideal. The trip alone can exhaust you, considering that you need to be at the gym before or after work if that is even possible.

The next best thing is to invest in home gym equipment that allows you to enjoy your favorite workout in the comfort of your home.


Cardiovascular workout

Working a heavy bag allows you to get a full-body cardio workout. Look for heavy bags made of top quality materials to ensure durability and lasting use. This lets you hit the piece of equipment as hard as you can to get the sweat going. Hitting a heavy bag is an excellent way to release stress after a long workday.

Enabling you not only to build and tone your muscles but to strengthen your cardiovascular system and build greater endurance, a rowing machine offers a fantastic means of burning off unwanted calories.Making rowing machines part of your routine supports weight loss. It also provides a good option for people with joint and back problems thanks to the little strain it puts on those areas.

An air bike is a type of stationary bike that allows you to create the resistance you need. The fan pushes back more the harder you pedal. This means you can change the resistance according to your preference, making the air bike suitable for high-intensity interval training. You also get upper body workout because of the way the air bike makes you pull and push your arms while moving.

Working out with an elliptical delivers a low-impact workout, thanks to the gliding motion that enables those with back and joint issues to work out comfortably without causing more pain to those areas. A great addition to any home gym, an elliptical supports multitasking easily.

The treadmill offers a means to run some miles without ever leaving the house. There can be a blizzard outside, but if you have a treadmill, you can easily run those miles without ever getting wet.


Strength training

One of the most versatile pieces of home gym equipment, dumbbells are available in a variety of designs and prices to suit every need. Some models are even made adjustable to add to their versatility. The user gets access to free weights with just a turn of a dial.

The adjustable feature is perfect for those just starting out on their workout regimen, as it allows workout customization while enabling users to challenge themselves as they get stronger. It eliminates the need to buy a new dumbbell set when an old set is outgrown.

A bench enables you to change positions while lifting weights to observe proper form.

Medicine balls provide a machine-less workout. They allow you to do squats, lunges, curls and sit-ups to get the whole body engaged without the need to get on different sweat-slicked machines when working out with a buddy.

Flexibility building

When you start doing yoga, you will need a premium quality yoga mat, which provides a stable surface on which to assume various yoga positions while staying firmly in place. Doing your pushups, ab work, pre- and post-workout stretches and warming up routine is easier on a yoga mat that stays securely on the floor.

Some yoga mats are designed with an extra bit of cushion compared to standard products to protect your body from getting sore when working out on a solid floor.

A foam roller helps relieve tight muscles and knots that can become sore on your off days.

A pull-up bar set up in a doorway allows you to execute tough pull-ups when you want. Improvement in your pull-up rates can get better with time.

A jump rope and ab wheel are highly useful for home gyms as well.



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