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TITLE Boxing Gyro Balanced Speed Bag Review

Last Updated: 23.05.19





This speed punching bag is available in four sizes so you can easily find the perfect one to fit your needs.

Its durable construction can withstand hard hits and jabs making it a great training or workout tool.

The bladder is designed for balance so you can enjoy maximum results from your workouts.

You’ll also appreciate its ability to quickly rebound so you can improve your reflexes and even eye-hand coordination.





Unfortunately, this speed punching bag does not come with the accessories you need to hang it from the ceiling. It will need to be purchased separately, and this is something that should be considered.

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Main features explained


Title Boxing understands that not everyone can use the same size speed bag, which is why they offer the Gyro Balanced in 4 sizes. Not only will working out with the right sized speed bag improve the effectiveness of your training, but it also decreases your risk for injury. Whether you have small hands or large “paws”, this speed bag is available in a size that will be perfect for you.

One look at this speed bag, and you can tell that it is built to last. It boasts a durable leather shell that can withstand your hardest punches and jabs. The seams are triple reinforced to prevent rips and tears. This ensures that even your strongest punch won’t cause the speed bag to burst apart at the seams. Its durable construction also ensures that it is a good value for your money.


What sets this speed punching bag apart from similar models is its soft bladder. Since it is filled with air, it is capable of producing a realistic feel that also helps to reduce hand and finger injuries. It is also designed to stay balanced no matter how hard you hit so you can get the most out of every workout. Constructed from durable butyl rubber, it is designed to last for years.


The Gyro Balanced is designed to help you improve your reflexes and eye-hand coordination. Like its name implies it is well balanced so you can enjoy rapid recoils and rebounds. Since the speed bag can keep up with your most punishing workouts, it is a handy training tool that every boxer and mixed martial arts enthusiast should have in their home gym.





Even if you are just trying to get in shape at home, this speed bag can help you reach your fitness goals. It is also an excellent training tool due to its well-balanced design. This allows for rapid recoils and rebounds, which is necessary when you are working on improving your reflexes. It boasts a high quality and sturdy construction that will last for years. This also helps to assure you that the Gyro Balanced is a good value for your money. Best of all it is available in four sizes so you can find the perfect one for you.


Buy from for ($39.99)




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