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TITLE LiquiShock Foam & Water Heavy Bag Review

Last Updated: 23.05.19




This TITLE heavy bag is one of the most critically acclaimed units in the line, with many buyers raving about its features.

The bladder that the model has been outfitted with has been constructed so that it lasts for entire decades.

The medium density foam which surrounds the bladder makes it possible for the user to avoid hurting him or herself.

Both the base and the hanging straps feature a cross polypropylene webbing reinforcement, thus rendering the model close to indestructible.

The bladder is covered by a ten-year warranty, unlike other products in the same line.





While most of the heavy bag users who have decided to invest their money in this product seem to have only good things to say about it, some argue that it is a tad more expensive than other alternatives, despite its high-quality construction.

Other owners have complained about the fact that the item does not come with a set of instructions with the help of which one can fill the bag without making a mess out of the room or space they will use for the procedure.

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Main features explained


The first detail about this bag that should impress you and even go as far as to convince you to order it is that it has been created with the ultimate fighter in mind. Since it is a water-filled heavy bag, you’ll be able to utilize it to throw different kinds of punches much like you would if you were engaged in a fight with a human opponent. Both the foam and the water combination and the fact that it comes with 3 inches of foam surrounding the bladder increase the usability of this item and will make your hits more life-like than ever. In fact, the balance of water and foam is so judiciously developed so as to allow you to get the most out of your workout routine without having to feel a lot of strain.

Durability is another feature of the TITLE option, in that its black vinyl shell is a protective layer that surrounds every part of the model and that makes it possible for owners to use it in many environments. Whether you intend to install the unit in your basement or outdoors, you will be able to rest assured that it will last for a good deal of time without being damaged by the elements or shocks.


Since it is backed by a warranty that lasts for a decade, you will be able to take advantage of this policy and return the product if you ever feel like it is not up to par. Nonetheless, we have noticed that most of the individuals who have purchased it are pleased with its capabilities, and praise both the hanging supports and the durable shell. This model should be hanged from the ceiling.





Given that it is one of the most versatile and reliable types available for sale on the market these days, it goes without saying that the TITLE LiquiShock unit should be at the top of the list of models you ought to consider. While it is less recommended for boxers and martial arts practitioners who throw strong punches and kicks, it will make an excellent choice for people looking for a heavy bag that allows them to complete a good and efficient workout.


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