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Top 8 greatest squash players of all time


If you are interested in practicing a sport that will tone your body and cultivate your discipline, you should look no further than squash. An excellent source of inspiration should be the best players in this field, and you will find their names and things about their career from the following top.

Jahangir Khan

If you are looking up to the best of the best, you should know a few things about Jahangir Khan. Maybe people who do not watch squash games do not know about him, but it is enough to say that he has a Guinness World Record for winning 555 games in a row, a performance that is unrivaled across all professional sports, and not only squash.

He was practically undefeated while he won these games, which happened between 1981 and 1986. Jahangir Khan was only 15 years old when he scored his first title. Just two years later, he made the World Open Championship. Throughout his career, he scored ten awards at the British Open.

Involved in the development and growing popularity of the sport, he was also the president of the organization in charge, the World Squash Federation, for six years (2002-2008).


Jansher Khan

While Jahangir Khan made a long-lasting impression on everyone passionate about this sport, he was bound to lose at one point, and the one to defeat him was Jansher Khan. This Pakistani squash player marked this victory in 1987, at the age of 18. That was the beginning of a long string of successes Jansher Khan was going to score against the legendary Jahangir Khan.

This player is currently retired. However, it must be noted that throughout his career, he won 99 titles. From 2002, he no longer plays professionally, but this does not mean that his fans have forgotten his accomplishments.


Peter Nicol

This international star made a career playing for England and Scotland and impressed all his opponents with his impeccable style of playing. In 1998, Peter Nicol was considered the top player of squash in the world, becoming the first to represent England and score such a remarkable achievement.

His international career was rich in titles and accolades. Out of the 69 tour finals, he was part of, he took home the first prize in 52 of them, and, after that, he decided to retire. Another significant achievement that must be mentioned here is being number one for 60 months throughout his career as a squash player.


Geoff Hunt

A star of the world of squash comes from Australia, and his name is Geoff Hunt. While he is currently retired, he is still considered one of the best players in the entire history of the sport. He made a name for himself mainly during the golden era of squash, and that is one of the reasons why his name is a synonym with this sport.

He made a strong debut in 1963 when he won the first prize in the Australia Junior Championship. After that victory, he decided to go pro, and only two years later, he won the Australian Championship. The World Open also is tied to his name, as Geoff Hunt was the first to win such a title in 1976.

He continued to add more titles to his name, as he won the next World Open awards till 1980. Another outstanding achievement that must be mentioned here is winning the British Open 8 times between 1969 and 1981.

Jonathan Power

Another name to remember if you are interested in learning about the most successful squash players belongs to Jonathan Power, the first player from North America to occupy the number one position in the official squash ranking.

Power played 58 finals and was the victor in 36 of them. Another decisive victory for the Canadian player was winning World Open in 1998. The next year, he also won the British Open. The Commonwealth Games held in 2002 brought Jonathan Power a gold medal. He chose to retire in 2006, after a career rich in accomplishments of all kinds.


Chris Dittmar

Another Australian squash player who deserves a place on this list is Chris Dittmar. Somewhat unfortunate circumstances made it impossible for Dittmar to win any of the two important titles of the sport, and that must have happened because, during his career, the game was dominated by Jansher Khan and Jahangir Khan.

He won the British Open Championship, for the Junior category, in 1981, but, otherwise, he had to concede in front of the Pakistani squash legends, which prevented him from winning any important titles. It must be noted that he won silver two times at the British Open in 1985 and 1993.


F.D. Amr Bey

A representative of Egypt, this squash player made a name for himself and his country, by scoring crucial victories from 1931 to 1937. Nobody could defeat him throughout the six years he proved that Egypt could be present on the field and land important titles.

His co-nationals named him the “Human Streak of Lightning” and he was considered the pioneer for the Golden Age of Sports in his home country.


Hashim Khan

Pakistan is known for giving the world the most famous legends of squash, Jansher Khan, and Jahangir Khan, and Hashim Khan is the third name that must be included in this selection of the most prominent athletes to have ever played this sport.

His first steps towards embracing squash took him to become a ball boy for the British army stationed in Peshawar. There, he learned about the sport, and from there, he grew to become a champion at the All-of-India event in 1944. He won the same title in 1945 and 1946, as well. He was also the first champion of Pakistan at the event organized in 1949.

His career also includes winning the British Open between 1951 and 1956, for a total of seven titles that he added under his belt. Hashim Khan passed away in 2014; he was 100 years old.



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