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Top 9 bowlers in the world


It takes plenty of skill and practice to be a good bowler, although there may be voices arguing that bowling should not be considered a sport. If you are among those people who think that bowling deserves its rightful place among other competitive games, you may also like to know about the most accomplished bowlers in history.

Earl Anthony

Anyone who is serious about learning the history of bowling cannot overlook the number one legend of this sport. Earl Roderick Anthony was a professional bowler with an impressive array of titles accumulated under his belt. He won no fewer than 43 titles throughout his career, and it must be noted that he was named Player of the Year six times. This title is given by the Professional Bowlers Association.

Earl Anthony is considered an important name in the sport because he managed to bring it to new heights of popularity in the US. His financial standing also recommends him as the number one player on this list. He was the first professional bowler to make more than 100,000 dollars in one season, and he was also the first to amass more than 1 million dollars in PBA earnings.


Walter Ray Williams Jr.

With the door to fame and fortune opened by Earl Anthony, other professional bowlers came to take the stage. One of the most prolific and wealthy bowlers of all time, Walter Ray Williams Jr. proved, throughout his professional career, that bowling deserves to be called a sport, just like many others.

He won a total of 47 titles, and his earnings from his PBA participation soared to 4.5 million dollars. He was named Player of the Year by PBA seven times, and he also won PBA Tour titles throughout 17 seasons in a row. He continues to be part of the professional bowling world, and he still takes part in important events.


Dick Weber

Dick Weber was one of the founders of the Professional Bowlers Association, and it is safe to say that it is because of him that bowlers today can enjoy this sport and the substantial earnings that come from competing in a professional environment.

He was not, however, only a founding member of PBA; he was also the first superstar of the sport and the one who made other bowlers consider a career in bowling. He won three of the first four PBA tours ever organized. The total number of PBA Tour titles he won is 30, and he also managed to establish some impressive records that served as a stepping stone and a challenge for other professional players.


Pete Weber

Another prominent name to be featured in this selection is Pete Weber. His name is mentioned in both the PBA Hall of Fame and USBC Hall of Fame, for his outstanding career in the field. Throughout his activity as a professional bowler, he brought home 37 PBA Tour Titles, and he also scored notable achievements at other professional events.

He also won the US Open five times, which is a record yet to be equaled and surpassed. Two times, he was named the Player of the Year, by PBA50.


Mark Roth

Mark Roth was admitted to the PBA Hall of Fame in 1987, also much later, in 2009, in the equivalent supported by USBC. As far as PBA Tour titles are concerned, he won 34 of them and currently occupies the sixth place in the top of most prominent players who amassed such titles under the belt.

Earl Anthony was, as already mentioned earlier, the first professional bowling player to reach the critical sum of 1 million dollars by playing in PBA events. Mark Roth was the second, and his financial success only came to sustain his professionalism.

Mike Aulby

Another left-handed bowling professional player that must be mentioned along with all the other great names from earlier, Mike Aulby made a first great impression from the very first time that he became invested in this sport. He is among the only four players to ever score the Rookie of the Year award, along with the Player of the Year award.

When he scored his crucial victory and won the Rookie of the Year accolade, he was only 19 years old. His record was surpassed in 2016 when Anthony Simonsen won the USBC Masters, while also being 19 years old, although almost 50 days younger than Mike Aulby was during the time he snatched the magnificent title. His career totals 29 major titles.


Norm Duke

Bowling is a game of establishing records through perfect execution and consistency in landing titles. That is why we take a close look at all the bowlers who have managed particular feats of athletic prowess. Norm Duke was the man to score 69 perfect 300 games throughout PBA events that were held during the 2016 season.

It took Norm Duke little to establish himself as an famous name in bowling. In 1982, he turned pro, and, before one year passed, he won his first title. He was 18 years old at the time, only days away from becoming 19. What must also be said is that when he scored that decisive victory, he did so by defeating prominent names in bowling, including the legend Earl Anthony.


Don Johnson

Don Johnson competed in a PBA Tour for the first time in 1964. From there, his career as a professional bowler took off, and he won 26 PBA titles throughout his activity. He won the Player of the Year award two times in a row, in 1971 and 1972. From professional bowler, he turned into a very successful bowling instructor, with released instructional DVDs. His son also followed in his steps and scored a PBA Tour title in 1990.


Marshall Holman

Sponsored by Nike, Marshall Holman was one of the famous bowling names that were going to draw a lot of attention to the sport. He was just 20 years old when he won his first title at a PBA tour. He was also an example of financial success, as he was the first professional bowler to make 1.5 million dollars in PBA earnings.



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