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UFC Youth MMA Training Bag Set Review

Last Updated: 22.05.19






This is the best punching bag from UFC due to its reliable firmness and heavy construction.

This bag is designed for youth training.

This bag comes with a set of gloves that provide premium features.

The heavy bag is also optimized for hanging using hooks and a chain via the black straps and chain loops.

The UFC Youth MMA Training Bag Set is a terrific mixer martial arts bag to own.





The UFC Youth MMA Training Bag Set is not intended for any kind of serious training for older kids, according to one of the UFC Youth MMA training bag set reviews.

Kids with smaller hands may find the gloves that come in the set a bit too big, but with time, can grow into it.

The bag doesn’t ship with the required chain and hooks for hanging.


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Main features explained


The UFC Youth MMA Training Bag Set features a heavy bag that is built firm to the punch. The heavy bag can take a lot of beating so it proves pretty useful for children when they need a very less destructive means of letting off steam. It can take the punishment of repeated kicks, strikes, jabs and punches. The bag is constructed using reinforced vinyl so it can take the extended punishment of kicks and punches.


This is a perfect sized bag for youth training. It is a perfect slam bag for small kids with small hands. The UFC Youth MMA Training Bag Set offers a means for small children and their parents to find out if the kids have a future in martial arts, so they can decide early if the child should pursue professional training in the future. Aside from that, parents and children can use the bag to enjoy bonding moments where the adult can teach the child a healthier way to release bad feelings without hurting anybody.


The gloves that come in the set provide a smaller fit and design to protect young, small hands while punching. The gloves are built with open fingers to enable maximum movement, plus padded knuckle coverage for ample impact absorption and comfort. The wrists are also protected from the possible hard impact that can result from all the repeated punching and jabbing. The heavy bag can be hung using the included chain hooks and heavy web strap.


The bag is built with chain loops and a heavy black web strap you can use for hanging using a chain and more hooks. When hung, the bag swings to and fro and not fixed, like a real opponent. The web strap keeps the heavy bag supported adequately on the mount.


Made specifically for youth mixed martial arts, this product is the best training bag set that the younger generation can use to increase endurance and stamina. When hung properly, the bag provides a great workout for kids just learning about the basics of martial arts. Using this bag also teaches a child to adopt right techniques early, so they’ll know what can work and what might not.





Built strong to accommodate the needs of youth mixed martial arts aspirants, the UFC Youth MMA Training Bag Set comes with the basic tools that a young trainee will need. The heavy bag ships with a pair of youth-sized gloves, a heavy web strap and chain hooks for instant hanging.


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