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Velocity Boxing Big Size Inflatable Punching Bop Bag Review

Last Updated: 22.05.19





This is the best kid’s punching bag with its safe and sturdy construction that makes it fun to exercise and improve motor skills.

Considered the best punching bag from Velocity Boxing, you will appreciate its fun and easy to assemble design.

With the foot pump included your child can immediately start having fun and exercising with this inflatable boxing bag.

As stated in the Velocity Boxing Big Size punching bop bag reviews there are plenty of fun features to keep kids occupied for hours.





While this is a punching bag with a foot pump included, it may take longer that a few minutes before it is ready for use.

It should be noted that this inflatable punching bag is durable, it is not designed for hard kicks or punches.


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Main features explained


Not only is this inflatable punching bag affordably priced, it is also designed to be safe for children five years and older to use. The vinyl material is durable, and resistant to punctures and tears so kids can enjoy years of fun entertainment. The responsive punching bag safely bounces along with your child’s jabs and kicks to help improve developing motor skills, and burn off excess energy. You also have the advantage of the stable base which prevents the punching bag from tipping over.


This inflatable punching bag is easy to assemble, and includes everything you need to start having fun. The one piece vinyl construction simply needs to be inflated with the included foot pump, and the durable base can be filled with sand or water to provide plenty of stability. You can also adjust the weight in the base, depending on how responsive you want the bag to be.


Your child doesn’t have to wait to start using this punching bag, with the included foot pump. In just a few minutes you can have the colorful punching bag inflated, and ready to go. The softer surface won’t bruise tender fingers, and it is a great way for children to improve their reflexes and other motor skills. The foot pump will also help deflate the punching bag for convenient storage when it is not in use. You can also use an electric pump to inflate this punching bag, if your child is too excited to wait.


While you will appreciate its affordable price and safe design, your child will have hours of fun playing with this brightly colored punching bag. Measuring 56.6 inches in height it is perfect for younger children, and they will love being able to insert pictures to punch into the front facing photo pouch. Have fun choosing photos of dreaded teachers and the latest cartoon villains, or use your imagination and let your child draw his own pictures.





This punching bag is designed to be fun and safe for children ages 5 and older, and it is a great way to get them interested in exercise and burn off some of their excess energy. With its affordable price, this brightly colored punching bag also makes a great gift.


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