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Venum Challenger Review

Last Updated: 11.04.19


1.1 Venum Challenger Standup


Why is this product worth it?


If you’re used to wearing shin instep pads and don’t believe they can get in the way of your movements in the ring, perhaps you’d like to give a shot to the Venum Challenger. While it might not be the most affordable alternative out there, this product has gathered a large degree of appreciation from U.S. kickboxing aficionados, and for good reason.

Performance and durability are at the core of the Venum Challenger, as the model has been constructed out of 100% synthetic leather. Plus, the guards feature a layer of high-density foam padding both on the shin and instep areas, so that the shock absorption is truly effective.

Another reason you might be interested in considering this model is that it’s lightweight and easy to put on. This way, the Venum Challenger does not get in the way of your performance in the ring and allows you to perform all the necessary movements so that you beat the technique of your opponent. As for the usability, you won’t have any trouble putting the shin guards on as they’ve been built with Velcro straps so that the fit is as good as possible. Available sizes range from medium to extra large, which might be a limitation for young users, petite women, and shorter individuals in general.

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User feedback


The Venum Challenger is one of the most popular items in the line. Why is that? Judging by the reviews it has gathered, it seems to be a great option for fighting, regardless of the martial arts you might be practicing. We’ve seen that some of the people who took the time to provide ratings about the Venum Challenger use it for sparring whereas others employ it for Krav Maga or kickboxing. In the end, it all depends on what you’re keen on learning and whether or not you might benefit from using the product for something other than kickboxing.

1.3 Venum Challenger Standup


Our verdict


Even if the Venum Challenger isn’t the most affordable pair of shin guards ever to have been designed, we recommend it for individuals who want to know they’re constantly protected. Whether training or competing in the ring, the Challenger can take your performance to a whole new level by giving you the feeling you’re actually unlikely of suffering from a lot of injuries in the tibial and foot areas.


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