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Venum Elite Boxing Gloves Review

Last Updated: 21.05.19






Fully handmade in Thailand, these gloves are made of premium quality leather material.

The gloves come with quality construction and structure.

They offer improved comfort even during intense workouts.

The product offers reliable training functionality and comes in your choice of colors.

Your hands are protected from injury in these gloves.





You will have to use hand wraps to ensure a more snug fit since the gloves tend to allow your encased hand to enjoy free mobility inside them. However, this is to ensure that your hand stays ventilated inside the gloves.

The logos are found on every surface of the gloves, and some people may prefer that they are not so. However, those logos are your assurance of authentic quality.

One user has noted that the thumb tends to come in contact with the seam so the thumb can rub constantly with it and can cause some discomfort. However, this is nothing that a quick fix with band-aid can’t handle, according to the same user.

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Main features explained


Fully made by hand in Thailand, the gloves can last like a champ. They have an exclusive Skintex surface that is resilient to friction so they are less likely to wear out easily. The 100 percent Skintex leather material ensures superior durability as well as reliable breathability so the gloves won’t heat up even when you do during those intense workouts on the mitts or heavy bag. You’ll love how the gloves encase your hands in protection.


The advanced reinforcing foam technology inside effectively reduces the level of impact energy passing through the gloves every time a blow is delivered, thereby ensuring a longer lifespan despite the punishment they are dealt with during training sessions. Thanks to their durable construction, the gloves enable you to develop your punching power so you get better during every session without getting your hands stressed out, hurt or injured due to the impact.


The panel of high density mesh under the wrist section of the gloves is engineered to help keep heat at comfortable levels while contributing to keeping the inside dry and free of unwanted odors. These gloves stay fresh even when the going gets tough in the gym. The triple density foam provides incredibly balanced shock dissipation. The interior mesh panels deliver good ventilation to keep your hands cool. The gloves also come with long cuffs and reinforced palms both for protection and comfort.


The gloves are perfect for developing your striking skills whether you do mitt work, bag work or fitness boxing. They come in a wide range of colors to suit your personality and preference. Perfect for beginner to advanced users, the gloves make the perfect hand protection gear.


The gloves feature a 100 percent full attached thumb that delivers reliable protection against injury. You can fight harder and longer because of the reinforced seams that hold the vital parts of the gloves together.





Designed with a fierce look that provides an effective indication of their application, these gloves show that you are serious about developing your punching skills. The gloves are equipped with no-nonsense features that provide a great fusion of functionality and design to ensure they can do what they are designed to most efficiently. The gloves deliver protection as they are intended to, being constructed of exclusive 100 percent Skintex leather that delivers durability while ensuring breathability. The gloves demand respect with their ability to deliver optimal mitigation of impact with every strike you deliver. Boxing gloves have never been as captivating as this pair-and how!


Buy from for ($78.78)




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