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Vizari Blaze Review

Last Updated: 11.04.19

1.1 Vizari Blaze Shin Guard


Why is this product worth it?


If you are wondering if these soccer shin guards are worth it, you only need to take one look at the design. The Vizari Blaze shin guards are available in sizes that fit adults and youth players, and are designed to be comfortable and protective. The hard outer shell is slightly curved and grooved so you get a secure and comfortable fit, while still being able to freely move your leg even with the shin guards on. Painful sprains are a constant threat during soccer practice and games, but this isn’t a problem with the attached ankle protection. Not only will the Vizari Blaze stop impact force, it will also provide plenty of support to prevent ankle injuries. This alone makes these shin guards well worth their price.

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User feedback


Consumers have given these shin guards from Vizari top reviews on Amazon, which should help give you confidence in your decision to purchase this product. Like many shin guards on the market these do run a little smaller in size, and this has resulted in a few negative reviews. To help prevent future mistakes in sizing the company does have a chart posted on their website. Other poor reviews have commented on a discrepancy in the shin guards appearance, and this is also due to a mistake in ordering. Unfortunately these issues will continue to garner poor reviews for a product that is actually worth purchasing.

Other consumers raved about the “great design and fit”, while others mentioned how practical the shin guards are. The unique “flame” graphic on the front has kids and teens talking, and parents often state that they are glad that their young soccer player actually wants to wear these shin guards. Even though there are a couple of issues the majority of consumers do recommend this product.

1.2 Vizari Blaze Shin Guard


Our verdict


While we admit that there are a couple of issues with sizing and appearance, overall we do think that these shin guards are worth your money. The inexpensive price and quality construction ensure that they aren’t a waste, and the fact that kids want to wear them only makes these shin guards more attractive.


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