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Vizari Malaga Review

1.1 Vizari Malaga Shin Guard


Why is this product worth it?


The Malaga shin pad from Vizari comes with a durable construction that is designed to last through several soccer seasons. The  hard outer shell is constructed from synthetic materials that are capable of stopping impact force before it connects with your shins. You also have the advantage of the soft foam on the back of the shields that not only helps to ensure a comfortable fit, it also works to absorb impact shock. Sprains and twists are also not a problem thanks to the attached ankle support. Affordably priced and designed to last, these shin guards from Vizari are well worth your money.

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User feedback


The reviews on these shin guides are largely positive with top ratings from customers on Amazon. While some noted that the sizing is a little difficult to figure out, especially for children, Vizari was quick to post an updated chart to help customers make the right decision. The majority of the user feedback concentrated on the shin guards’ excellent quality, calling it a “good value for the price”. Other consumers stated that they appreciate how easy the shin guards are to put on and take off. The comfort and stylish design were also praised, and with no complaints about their durability you can rest assured that these shin guards will be able to provide plenty of protection and support.

1.2 Vizari Malaga Shin Guard


Our verdict


Available in several stylish colors and with unique graphics emblazoned on the front, these shin guards are attractive and functional. The hard shell is constructed from blended PP materials for a lightweight design that is comfortable and durable. The outer shell is capable of absorbing the force from hard kicks, and the attached ankle strap helps to provide support while preventing painful injuries. They also come with foam padding to ensure a secure and comfortable fit. If you are looking for a pair of shin guards that are protective and won’t cause lower leg fatigue this stylish pair from Vizari might be exactly what you need.


Buy from for ($9.83)




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